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Feri Al-Fayed (フェリ・アルファイド) is a jaeger with the high-ranking Khurga Warriors Clan corps. She was introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Feri is a girl with brown skin, short-styled hair, and a petite physique. Feri wears a long, dusty yellow jacket with detached sleeves and an open high collar. A silver pendant shaped like a circle with a vertical bar and ending with a blue tassel acts as a zipper. Feri also wears a single thigh high boot consisting of a series of straps and open sections and open-toed flat shoes. She has a series of bands interlaced with her hair, fastened with a silver clip and red bands around her wrists, with silver discs. Feri also wears earrings that resemble the Khurga corps emblem, and a long flowing red scarf which is draped around her shoulders twice in a cross.

Feri is armed with an orbal assault sword, resembling an automatic firearm. Like-most jaegar weapons, it appears to have at least dual functionality.


Having experienced serious combat training since childhood, she shows her fierce jaeger side in battle, but being a young girl unfamiliar with a large city, she also shows reactions expected from a girl her age in day-to-day life.

Upon receiving word that a jaeger corps she had previously networked with has suddenly gone missing, Feri initiates her own search. Meanwhile, she attempts to contact the Spriggans that she heard rumors about.[1]



  • The text; " Deeds are fruits" is found embroidered onto her jacket. This is the first half of the proverb "Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves" from Martin H. Manser's The Facts on File Dictionary of Proverbs. The proverb refers to words having no value unless they are followed by positive action.