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Fernand Hyarms (フェルナン・ハイアームズ) is an Erebonian noble. He is the current Marquis Hyarms and thereby head of the House of Hyarms as well as the ruler over the Sutherland Province, the Hyarms Marquisdom and is part of the Four Great Houses.



Fernand is a middle-aged man with thick golden brown hair is medium-length locks and brown eyes. He wears a white ruffled shirt with a matching cravat and amethyst brooch, green waistcoat, dark green trousers and a red jacket with black lapels, gold trim and golden epaulettes.


As a moderate and kind-hearted ruler, there is generally little dissatisfaction among the citizens of Sutherland.


The strength of the Hyarms Family lives on in his off-spring. His firstborn son, Ryan, currently serves as a military attaché abroad; his secondborn, Alex, works as a high official in Jurai SEZ; his thirdborn son, Patrick, served as representative of his father as the manager of Marquis Wilhelm Ballad in Ordis, Lamarre Province.

Marquis Hyarms calling Wallace Bardias.

Following the Hamel Tragedy, which occurred in Fernand's territory, the Imperial government wished to keep the entire incident a secret from the public, fearing turmoil if the truth was revealed. Fernand was one of the few people who knew of the true extent of the tragedy, and as such, he was one of the people authorized to allow visitors into Hamel, the other being Olaf Craig.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Fernand was mentioned as one of the members of the Four Great Houses in the first game of the series.

Unlike his fellow Marquis, Fernand was the only one who did not support their cause in part due to his style of ruling and personality. When they began a civil war to maintain the status quo, Fernand most likely proclaimed himself to be neutral. Instead, he saw a refugee problem with displaced people from the provinces, including his own, using his position and power to help those in need.

Trails of Cold Steel III

With series shifting its focus to western Erebonia in Trails of Cold Steel III, Fernand made his first appearance during the field study to Saint-Arkh and Parm in the Sutherland Province. Fernand, through Celestin, gives new Class VII their tasks and is one of two figures whose permission is sought to enter Hamel.

Toward the end of the game, Marquis Hyarms contacts brigadier general Wallace Bardias immediately after the Karel Imperial Villa is turned into the Gral of Erebos. The marquis informs him that they reached the point of no return and orders the Weissland Army to start moving.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Marquis Hyarms opposed the war against the Republic, having secretly convened with Theodore Egret about potential actions against the war effort. They were caught by the Imperial Defense Force, who initially intended to take them into custody, only for a gust of black particles to breeze by, which he recognized as the curse when they expressed an intent to kill them. He was nearly killed was it not for Celestin's request to Class VII, who had been concerned about his safety when he failed to return on time.

After the Great War was over, Fernand could be seen dealing with the political fallout caused by Erebonia's recklessness.

Trails into Reverie

Fernard organises the matchmaking between Wallace Bardias and Mary Altheim. He is present when they meet to discuss the partnership and also when Makarov arrives to prove his worthiness. Fernard has no objections to how the proposal ends up, as he claims he got to witness such a splendid sight.


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV