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Fernand Hyarms (フェルナン・ハイアームズ) is an Erebonian noble. He is the current Marquis Hyarms and thereby head of the House of Hyarms as well as the ruler over the Sutherland Province, the Hyarms Marquisdom.


As a moderate and kind-hearted ruler, there is generally little dissatisfaction among the citizens of Sutherland.

After the outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War, Marquis Hyarms recognised the ongoing refugee problem and offered aid to displaced citizens in the Sutherland Province. He considered it his duty to use his power to help people in need and pledged further aid in the future if needed.

With series shifting its focus to western Erebonia in Trails of Cold Steel III, Marquis Hyarms made his first appearance during the field study to Saint-Arkh and Parm in the Sutherland Province.

The strength of the Hyarms Family lives on in his off-spring. His firstborn son, Ryan, currently serves as a military attaché abroad; his secondborn, Alex, works as a high official in Jurai SEZ; his thirdborn son, Patrick, served as representative of his father as the manager of Marquis Wilhelm Ballad in Ordis, Lamarre Province.

Marquis Hyarms commanding Weissland Army (Sen III)

Marquis Hyarms calling Wallace Bardias.

Toward the end of Trails of Cold Steel III, Marquis Hyarms contacts brigadier general Wallace Bardias immediately after the Karel Imperial Villa is turned into the Gral of Erebos. The marquis informs him that they reached the point of no return and orders the Weissland Army to start moving.


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel III

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