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Fidelio (フィデリオ) is an alumnus of Thors Military Academy's Class II ('03-'05).



Fidelio is a tall young man with brown hair, parted to the side and brown eyes. He wears the noble uniform of Thors Military Academy, consisting of a white and violet blazer with a gold trim, trousers, lavender shirt and purple tie.


Unlike other nobles, Fidelio doesn't place too much stock in social class.

He's seen as a kind and sensible upper class-man, as he has a good enjoyment when taking pictures. But when he sees Rex with his antics of taking pictures of girls without permission, he takes charge to get his peer's act together by trying to be firm; showing that he's looking out for Rex so he won't get in trouble.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Fidelio is the second year head of the Photography club at Thors Military Academy, and a noble student. He is very optimistic about Rex, a newcomer to the club,'s skills, but requests Rean Schwarzer's assistance when he is worried Rex is going to far with his picture taking and avoidance from getting consent. The pictures are mostly tasteful and show great compositional skills, but after being talked to, Rex comes to realise that Fidelio was looking out for his well-being and trying to protect him. Fidelio places an appropriate punishment upon Rex, but does not dissuade him from his love for photography. He places Rex in charge of Academy festival photos, but later hopes that this was the right decision.

During the October War, Fidelio is one of the students that flees the academy, despite being a noble. Not satisfied with what the Noble Alliance are doing, he is travelling the country taking photographs and gathering information from a neutral position. His thoughts were to capture the truth of the war through his camera. he travelled with Dorothee, watching each others' backs while on the move. He state she will join Rean and company when Dorothee returns. he takes pictures of what happened in Celdic so as to not let it go by undocumented. he stays on board the Courageous in the final battle.

At the end of the year, Fidelio is in charge of putting the Yearbook together. After graduation, he received a Fulitzer prize for his photography and joined the Imperial Chronicle.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

During the Great War, Fidelio is one of the unseen Thors Graduates that helps on board the Ark Royal. He thinks they have arranged the best possible battle formation.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Fidelio Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class II (Photography Club)
Kind, sensible head of the Photography Club. While a noble, he doesn't place importance on social class.
While usually pleasant, he's responsible as the Photography Club's head, and punished Rex for his transgressions.

Fidelio Note (Sen).png 2年 II組 【写真部】

Trails of Cold Steel II

Fidelio Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class II (Photography Club)
A kind, sensible upper class student who is head of the Photography Club. Always carries his camera with him.
Unable to accept the alliance's ways, he worked to oppose them with Dorothee, and eventually joined the Courageous' crew.
Exposing Truth
He concluded that the world needed to see what had happened in Celdic and sadly set about taking photos of it.
He received special recognition in the giving of the last Fulitzer Prize and will be joining the Imperial Chronicle.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

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