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Fiona Craig (フィオナ・クレイグ) is a music teacher in Erebonia. She is the eldest child of Olaf Craig and sister to Elliot Craig.



Fiona is a young woman with long red hair worn in tied back loosely and with plum eyes. She wears predominately greens and cream colours: a darker skirt with a waist band and a lighter, lime shade long sleeved blouse revealing the bust. She wears a cream underskirt with frilled sleeves and two skirts of various shades of cream. Fiona wears knee high, high-heeled boots.


Fiona is a kind and gentle woman who can be rather fierce at times. As her mother died young, Fiona can come across as rather motherly due to her experiences with raising Elliot and often worries about her family.

Fiona also shares her father and mother's love of music and enjoys playing the piano. She is very kind to her students, but can be also strict with them.

She is also very brave as she didn't lose her composure even as she was being held hostage by the Noble Alliance during the Erebonian Civil War. It is also implied that Neithardt has romantic feelings towards her and that she may in fact return them. Olaf is sometimes scared of her when she becomes angry.


Fiona Craig was born into a loving household consisting of her father Olaf, her mother Liana and her younger brother Elliot. As her father was a military man, Fiona had to help her mother and get used to her father's extended periods away from the household due to military affairs. While her father was away, though her mother inspired Fiona and her brother to take up music and taught the two of them how to play various musical instruments. Fiona also listened to some of her father's various records.

In S.1197, though Fiona's mother passed away leaving her to take over as the main woman of the Craig household and as such handle most of the cooking and chores. She also comfortably assumed the role of the "true" head of the Craig family. Through her father's work, Fiona has come to know Neithardt.

A few years later after Fiona finished her studies, Fiona began pursuing a career as a music teacher and eventually opened her own school where she taught little kids to play various instruments. Her brother, Elliot, also wished to pursue a musical career like his mother, but Olaf found this not to be fitting for an Erebonian man and urged him to join him in the military.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Class VII Group A encounter Fiona for the first time in Heimdallr while on their field study in the capital. She greets them at Elliot's family home, and says she misses looking after him and cooking for him since he moved to Trista. She helps out everyone while she has the day off and is marvelling at all the decorations for the Summer Festival. She comes to the Thors Academy festival and expresses an interest in the orbally powered instruments.

During the October War, Fiona is taken prisoner by the Noble Alliance and Class VII must rescue her. After they have done so, the Fifth Armored Division looks after her and he cooks for them in gratitude. Fiona is invited to take part in a charity concert to help the victims of Celdic after it is burnt down.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Fiona invites the Herschel Family to talk during a military parade in Heimdallr. New Class VII and Randy Orlando encounter her while on their travels and learn she hasn't heard from her brother in a while. Later, Elliot meets up with her and they learn that she has been unable to get in touch with Neithardt, her father or the Fortress recently. She offers her help towards coming up with a performance that Wilhelm Ballad will enjoy. Fiona remains with Neithardt at the Dreknor Fortress after Class VII infiltrate it.

Fiona takes part in the special Arc en Ciel performance in Crossbell intended to distract the Imperial forces. Fiona gives Neithardt an amber amulet charm on the last day before the Great War in Mishelam Wonderland. She and Neithardt attend the Imperial Wedding together.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Neithardt and Fiona are mentioned by Elliot as having 'made progress in their relationship' however she does not appear in person.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Fiona Craig
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Elliot's older sister, who lives in Heimdallr. She's well known for her piano skills, and has a heart of gold and will of iron.
Lovers' Parting
Fiona is now in a relationship with Neithardt. She made him a good luck charm with all her love, hoping for his safe return.
Power of Music
The pillar of light caused the situation in the capital to worsen. Fiona set up a concert to counteract the curse and bring peace.

Fiona Craig Note (Sen IV).png


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel IV