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The Fisherman's Guild (釣公師団) is an International organisation based around the love of Fishing.


Founded by Harvard Fisher, The Fisherman's Guild exists to spread the word about the fun of fishing and provide a network of the continent's most enthusiastic fishers. Its main branch is in Grancel's South Block, Liberl Kingdom, while its popularity manages to reach Crossbell.

The Fisherman's Guild does not hesitate to invest in the development and standardization of fishing culture. "There is no fish that cannot be caught!" is the motto of the organization.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

The Fisherman's Guild makes its debut in Liberl, where Estelle and Joshua Bright come across it through one of its members, Lloyd. Rumours circulate about an 'entrance exam' which must be passed in order to gain membership, with Helmuth disappointed in his failure while his wife Norche succeeds. Estelle and Joshua are welcomed when they enter the headquarters of the Guild in Grancel.

As Estelle becomes a better fisher through her travels, her skill is acknowledged by the Guild who grant her various titles. One member states the Guild is aiming to open branches in the Empire and Crossbell and that they are determined to catch the guardians that live in Liberl.

As Estelle's repute spreads in the Fishing World, She is eventually challenged by anglers of ever-increasing skill, eager to test her skills. This culminates in a challenge from the founder of the Fisherman's Guild himself, possessor of the unique fishing title, The Fishing Baron, Herbert Fisher who approaches her on a sailing boat on Ruan's coast, seemingly without steering it. After a exhilarating fishing battle, Estelle comes out victorious and causes Herbert to grant her the leadership of the Guild.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Lloyd Bannings is given a fishing rod and visits Crossbell's branch of the Fisherman's Guild, where he is welcomed by branch manger Cerdan and welcomed into the Guild's ranks. He gradually rises up in the ranks as he catches more fish, eventually meeting A fisherman with the same name, Lloyd from Liberl. A young woman, Salem gradually works up the courage to join the guild, increasing her skills until she is able to join. LLoyd contacts the group to find the location of Joachim Guenter, who had been attending a fishing tournament instead of his duties at the St. Ursula Medical College.

The Fisherman's Guild activities were later suspended for months due to a restraining order and their branch in Crossbell City taken over by the Imperial Fishing Club from Erebonia and William Lakelord III. The members of the guild make a boathouse in Crossbell's marshlands a temporary headquarters while they figure out a way to get their property back. The two organisations share history, but do not get along. Lloyd is asked to act as a mediator between the two organizations as they fight out the premises. Lloyd must face the Elite Four of the club, along with LakeLord III himself to win back the branch office, catching the Guardian in the process.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

In the last two years, relations between the two rival fishing organizations has improved dramatically, to the point where Club members are guests at the Crossbell branch of the Guild. Exhibition matches are played between the two with one being held along the South Ostia Highway. Lakelord II is present, who is eager to defend the Club's reputation after the previous matches are closer than he would have liked and wants to make the Guild Grovel at his feet. Rean Schwarzer successfully reels in Ostia's Guardian, ending the competition.

Trails into Reverie

The Guild are now fully active once again. They support Annabelle and Kenneth Lakelord's efforts for the Imperial Wedding, and resume all their activities in Crossbell with help from Estelle, Lloyd and Rean. Cerdan gives Swin Abel a rod so he might fish, with the latter viewing it as a way to get information.


  • Harvard Fisher, The Fishing Baron- Founder and leader until defeat by Estelle
  • Lloyd- Member (Professional Angler) , Grancel Branch Manager
  • Cerdan- Member- Crossbell Branch Manager
  • Helmuth- Member
  • Norche- Member (Master Angler)
  • Percy- Member
  • Old Man Rod
  • Estelle Bright, member (Divine angler)- named new leader by Herbert.
  • Lloyd Bannings, member (Divine angler)
  • Rean Schwarzer, member (God angler)
  • Joachim Guenter- former member
  • Selam- member- Crossbell Branch Receptionist
  • Freddy- member
  • Peter- member
  • Kopen- member
  • Various other unnamed members