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Fishing (釣り) is an in-game activity present in each game of the series.

Trails in the Sky FC

Liberl News Insert Sky 3rd 1991 - Unfortunate Fishermen.png

Fishing is introduced from the First Chapter of Trails in the Sky FC, however only in a limited capacity while at Valleria Lakeshore. In Chapter 1, during South Block Burglary, Estelle has an opportunity to fish at the Kingfisher Inn, borrowing a rod from the owners.

When the opportunity for fishing is presented, Estelle must choose one of three locations, one of three types of Bait and one of three ways to reel in the Fish. Estelle will cast her line and an exclamation mark will appear when a fish is on the line.

The fish obtained can be used as ingredients in several recipes.

To the west
Lure Live bait Fly
Reel all at once Smelt Smelt Smelt
Wait a bit Liberl Carp Tiger Rockfish Rainbow Trout
Wait until it gets tired Salmon Liberl Carp Smelt
To the south
Lure Live bait Fly
Reel all at once Holey Boots Smelt Smelt
Wait a bit Liberl Carp Smelt Holey Boots
Wait until it gets tired Holey Boots Holey Boots Holey Boots
To the east
Lure Live bait Fly
Reel all at once Liberl Carp Smelt Holey Boots
Wait a bit Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
Wait until it gets tired Smelt Liberl Carp Tiger Rockfish

Trails in the Sky SC

Sora fishing (Sky).png

From Trails in the Sky SC and onward, fishing has been re-introduced as a permanent activity that can be carried out any time the party finds fishing spots. During Estelle Bright's travels she is given a rod and invited to try fishing by Lloyd.

Fishing spots all around Liberl can be used by approaching them. Once initiated, a menu for fishing rods and bait selection will appear. Estelle will cast her line, an exclamation mark will appear when a fish is snagged. When a fish is snagged, the player must reel in the fish before it escapes. The period of opportunity before the fish escapes is determined by both the type of fish and the fishing rod used.

There are several fishing rods (in contrast to Sky FC where there is only one) and types of bait that can be used, with the combination chosen along with the fishing spot providing different fish that can be re-used as bait or sold for profit.

There is also the introduction of a size system for fish, with Rege being the standard comparative unit. Fish may reward accessories, items or sepith once caught, based on the size of the fish. Some drops are unique, such as the Granakor that contains the Tiger Heart and Crimson Eye. Another new addition is the Fishing Guide, a journal for the fisherman. The Fishing Guide records the location, species, weight of the fish, along with the largest fish from each species caught.

The Dynatrad, the game's unique fish, can only be caught in Chapter 8, but it doesn't require any conditions other than the right bait. Once caught, the Fisherman's Guild will sell all types of bait items.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

There is no fishing in Phantasma, but Sun Door 2 features fishing as its central minigame, where Estelle's skills as an angler start to attract various challengers of ever-increasing strength. The fishing mechanics are identical to Sky SC, with predetermined rods and bait, with the objective being scoring more points than the opponent by catching bigger fish.

In the memory, Estelle is challenged by Lloyd to a fishing duel in the Kingfisher Inn. After winning, she is given the Argem Lure, one of the three legendary tackles of Liberl. Later, she encounters Norche in the Grancel Sewers, who challenges her after seeing the Argem Lure in her possession. Estelle comes out victorious again, and Norche gives her the Golden Rod, the second of the legendary tackles. Eventually Harvard Fisher, the Fishing Baron and head of the Fisherman's Guild, challenges Estelle after gliding up to her in a boat on Ruan's coastline. After Estelle's yet again victorious, Herbert is temporarily put off fishing, granting her the Rainbow-Colored Line, the last legendary tackle; the title of 'Divine Angler' and leadership of the Guild, which Estelle appears to decline.

Trails from Zero

Zero fishing (Zero).jpg
Zero fishing 2 (Zero).png

Lloyd Bannings is given a rod by the Crossbell's Fisherman Guild's member Kopan during Monster Damage Investigation, after which Branch Manager Celdan inadvertently makes him a member of the Guild.

The fishing mechanics are identical to the previous games', but slightly simplified in the number and distribution of fish. There are less rods and bait to work with, and the distribution of fish across the spots is made to overlap less overall.

New to the game is the ability to trade in fish with Marte on East Street (who will give various sepith) and Coppe on the roof of the SSS building, who will take a fish once per chapter in exchange for quartz (or Cat Food in exchange for an ingredient). Giving the latter food in every chapter will additionally grant a Gemini Gem as reward.

Also new is the Fisherman Guild's Rank, which rewards catching a number of different fish. Speaking with Celdan with enough types of fish caught will increase Lloyd's Rank and grant him an item or privilege:

Fisherman's Guild - Crossbell Branch
Rank Rewards Available
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Straw Hat SPD+5 Hobbyist Fisher (4 types of fish)
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Hare Increases chance of escaping from battle by 50%. Professional Fisher (8 types of fish)
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Luck Increases enemy item drop rate by 30%. 2nd Class Fisher (12 types of fish)
Bait Shop Deluxe Dumplings available for sale 1st Class Fisher (16 types of fish)
Fishing Rod (Crossbell Item).png Aqua Wizard
All bait available for sale
A tackle that transforms the user into a wizard on the water. Can use even the most ferocious fish as bait. Master Fisher (23 types of fish)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Divine Angler Emblem ACC+50% Divine Angler (24 types of fish)

Two unique fish, the Gold Salmon and the Noble Carp, only appear when reaching the rank of 1st Class Fisher, and catching them is necessary to advance to Master Fisher. Once this rank is achieved, the game's final fish, the Serpenthead, is available for capture. Only after fishing it the final rank of Divine Angler is achieved.

Trails to Azure

After the Guild's Crossbell City property is unused for a while with a restraining order in place, the branch is taken over by the Imperial Fishing Club and the Special Support Section are asked to investigate. With Lloyd acting as a mediator, they decide that the branch can be given back if the Guild can defeat Lakelord III and the Elite Four. As part of the process, Celdan declares all anglers will start anew from the first ranks and work their way up.

Mechanics are identical as in Zero with the returning of trading fish to Marte (who now gives ingredients as well) and Coppe (who grants a Katze Master Quartz if fed in every chapter). Also returning are fishing ranks, but they are only awarded after completion of fishing duels. After the meeting in the former Fisherman's Guild, four fishing spots will be taken over by the Imperial Fishing Club's Elite Four, who Lloyd must defeat in order to fish at that spot and eventually challenge Lakelord III:

Duelist Location Pre-Requirement Duel Conditions
Narses the Crazy Wave Mainz Mountain Path - Waterfall Catch a Noble Carp Catch the most valuable fish (Gold Salmon)
Kaguya the Dragon Princess Old Armorica Road - Rest Area Catch a fish of at least 130 rege Catch three fish with a larger sum of sizes
Sharkman the Ocean's Edge Ursula Road - Pond Catch a Gluttonous Bass, Armorican Carp, Rockeater, Piranha, Arowana and Pirarucu The first to fail to catch a fish loses
Triton the Silver Orca West Crossbell Highway - Pond Catch 29 different fish Catch 5 different types of fish
Lakelord III the Fishing Emperor Ursula Road - Lakeshore Defeat the Elite Four Catch the same fish as Lakelord III:
1: Azelfish
2: Carp
3: Gluttonous Bass
4: Raineater
5: Pale Salamander

After finishing each duel, there will be a unique Guardian in each of the fishing spots: Emeraude, Tiger Rockeater, Crimson Eater and Bull Dragon. The reward for catching all of them is the final fishing rod, the Aqua Ruler, obtained after speaking with Peter in the Boathouse. After the duel with Lakelord III, to finish the duel properly the final fish of the game, the Elder King, must be caught. The reward for catching it is the Master Quartz Chevalier, the Fishing Emperor's Medal and the title of Fishing Emperor Slayer.

If the fishing duels aren't finished by the first day of Chapter 4, Harvard Fisher of the original Fisherman's Guild from Liberl will defeat Lakelord III instead, preventing Lloyd from obtaining the title and the rewards associated.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Thors - garden (fishing pond) (sen1).jpg
Sen fishing (Sen 1).png

Rean Schwarzer meets Kenneth Lakelord near one of Thors Military Academy's pools and is introduced to the world of fishing after being given a rod. Kenneth acts a intermediary for Rean, giving him increasing rewards and titles after he develops his fishing skills.

Fishing mechanics are slightly different starting from the games set in Erebonia. Fishing spots can be found all over the empire, indicated by ripples in the water. Additionally, groundbait is needed to be able to fish, which can be bought or obtained as a monster drop, chest item or found by breaking objects in the environment.

Upon fishing, the fish will appear and try to escape, necessitating the pressing of a certain key or button. There is a time limit, shown by a bar transitioning from green to red, which shortens in length. Generally, more valuable fish take longer to reel in, require more button inputs and escape quicker. Fish will spit out a reward (usually Sepith) upon success.

In Trails of Cold Steel, a total of 20 different types of fish can be caught, including the Giant Swordtail.

Rean continues to fish across the Empire, including throughout the October War. In his travels, he encounters other avid fishermen such as Annabelle who has run away from her family to avoid a marriage to Lakelord III. Rean is asked by Kenneth to help him in a fishing duel against Lakelord III and Narses to win Annabelle's freedom, which they win. Annabelle apparently sets her sights on the second Lakelord son however.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, a total of 24 different types of fish can be caught, including the Arch Tyrant. Locations are recorded in the student notebooks, and any missing fish can be obtained from Trista pond.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

First interface

Second interface

Fishing (Sen IV).jpg

With the Fisherman's Guild and Imperial Fishing Club on Good terms, they start to cooperate on activities such as exhibition matches, with one being held near the River Ostia. Kenneth and Annabelle tour the continent together on a fishing journey. Rean, now an instructor at Thors Branch Campus, teaches his students in the new Class VII how to fish, and the group continue to find various fishing spots across the Empire during their field studies and exercises.

Building from the mechanics introduced in the previous pair of games, fishing now features some additional steps. It is now possible to customise the fishing rod with additional attachments which can be bought or obtained as rewards. Each attachment makes part of the fishing mechanics easier.

The first interface opens a timed window with a revolving bar made up of a blue, green and yellow section, decreasing in size. The smaller the section, the larger the fish is likely to be. The bar will continue to revolve until the bubble in the middle of the circle has run out. If successful, the fishing process moves onto the next stage, where an input must be mashed whilst keeping track of the tension. Too many inputs and the line will break, releasing the fish, too few and the fish pull pull away and escape. When successful a reward menu will present itself with the displayed fish and the size and rewards shown.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, a total of 25 different types of fish can be caught, including the Emperor Perch.

The outbreak of the Great Twilight and the presence of the Erebonian Curse causes a change in the fish of Erebonia. With Rean missing, Euclice of the Club asks his students to continue their fishing activities across the empire, which they do.

In Trails of Cold Steel IV, a total of 30 different types of fish can be caught, including the Grand Lakelord. Locations are recorded in the student notebooks, and any missing fish can be obtained from Eryn pond.

Trails into Reverie

Hajimari fishing (Hajimari).png

Fishing mechanics are carried over from the previous two games.

The various Divine Anglers (and Rean who is a God Angler) unite and fish together for the first time in the series. With the appearance of Reverse babel in Crossbell, the Guild wants to do everything they can to help, which is in this case, fishing for food supplies. Swin Abel is given a rod and invited to try fishing by the Guild, which he does as he sees it as a valuable way to gain information. The various protagonists can be seen fishing together in the Infinity Corridor.

Kuro no Kiseki

Fishing isn't available in this game.


Across the continent of Zemuria, a wide range of salt water and freshwater fish and sea life can be found and caught using a fishing rod in lakes, rivers and the ocean. A great many individuals across the continent have devoted their time to honing the craft of obtaining these fish and developing the past time, including each of the games' protagonists.

Throughout the various bodies of water, a common theme is the presence of 'Guardians', legendary fish of great size or strength that can only be caught by the most proficient and elite anglers. Amongst these are the Ostia Guardian and the Trista Guardian, with one usually featuring in each game to serve as the final fish which can only be caught after all others are obtained.

Fish are known to be susceptible to the changes in the world such as disturbance to the Septium veins and other supernatural stimuli such as the Erebonian Curse. Such things can cause the types of fish in various areas to change.


Furthering the prestige, love and joy of fishing, various organizations exist which promote fishing. Founded in Erebonia, the Lakelord Corporation made its fortune selling high quality fishing equipment, including tackle and rods which is shipped internationally. Its founder, Lakelord I established the company and his love of fishing after having been shipwrecked on a deserted isle for months and forced to fish for sustenance. Despite being barons, the prestige of the Lakelord family is particular well-known for their fishing expertise and name recognition.

Lakelord III, grandson of the the founder of the corporation, founded the Imperial Fishing Club after gathering several fishing enthusiasts. Comprised of mostly elite anglers, including the Elite Four, the Club is base in Erebonia but has plans to expand its influence and reach to otehr countries. Lakelord himself with the elite four are touring the continent. Part of their operational fishing activities include checking the health and quality of various bodies of water, as a means of giving back.

Founded in Liberl by former Imperial Fishing Club member, Harvard Fisher, is the Fisherman's Guild. Their headquarters are in Grancel, Liberl but they operate in various countries. Bitter rivals for a long time, the Club and the Guild have come into conflict several times in their coexistent history, culminating in the Club's takeover of the Guild's branch in Crossbell, which was eventually settled after a fishing competition. In the present, the two organizations are on much friendlier terms and cooperate, holding exhibition matches, friendly rivalry and love of the sport.

A third, as of yet unidentified, fishing group exists in Calvard which Lakelord III and the Elite Four came across and fished against, in a match that was closer than they would have liked.