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Fran Seeker (フラン・シーカー) is an operator at the Crossbell Police Department. She provides back-up for the Special Support Section and evaluates their work. She looks up to her older sister Noel.


Fran Seeker is a female receptionist at the Crossbell Police Department and operator for the Special Support Section. She is very close to her sister, Noel Seeker. The two of them can be seen going out together during the Crossbell Anniversary Festival. Her affection toward her sister is so profound that during her date with Anton, Fran turns him down and admits that the person she loves is actually her sister.

After Noel returns from her investigation in Altair City, Fran is one of the first to welcome her back. Fran happily continued to serve as the operator for the SSS when Noel joined the Special Support Section in the second half of S.1204, Unlike Fran, Noel struggled with keeping her work and private life separated.

Apart from her sister, Fran has a weakness for cute girls, like KeA and Shizuku MacLaine, and stuffed animals.

Crossbell City Attack

Fran expressed her strong sense of duty and responsibilities as a police officer during the Crossbell City Attack. After having evacuated all personnel from the police's headquarters, she reported back to Donovan inside. At that moment, however, Red Constellation threw a bomb in the building. The explosion badly wounded Fran and she was admitted to hospital immediately.

Once she recovered from her injuries and learnt of the political shifts within Crossbell, Fran insisted to continue working as the operator for the SSS. This would mean she would be opposing Noel, who had since joined the Crossbell Defense Force. Fran felt that she could only make a difference in Crossbell as a police officer and therefore had to oppose her sister.

During the Crossbell Liberation Operation, Fran boarded the Merkabah and served as a back-up.

Imperial Occupation

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During the Imperial occupation of Crossbell, Fran supported the resistance forces from behind the scenes.


Zero no Kiseki

Ao no Kiseki

Hajimari no Kiseki

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