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Franky (フランキー) is the son of Mayor Haddock.



Franky is a young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown jacket over a white and dark brown pinstriped shirt, and beige trousers with a teal belt.


Franky wishes to become a receptionist for the Bracer Guild, despite lacking the combat experience necessary for a bracer. Nonetheless, he still hopes to join, seeing it as his dream job.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Franky gets into an argument with his father over a job. He had previously worked in a bank and while the work paid well, he found that he had no passion for the job. Sometime later, he decides to post a request to Thors Branch Campus to help him become a bracer. Rean Schwarzer takes the request and puts Franky through some basic tests. Franky shows good judgment in a task involving sorting papers and Rean talks to the villagers of Leeves to evaluate his character, finding him to generally be a good, upstanding man. Finally, he brings him to Einhel Keep to fight some basic monsters, as a bracer has to fight. However, the monsters prove to be too scary for Franky to face off against.

After the failed training session, Franky loses hope of becoming a bracer as he is unable to fight even weak monsters. At this point, Celestin comes in and offers to help Franky gain some confidence by training him in janitorial duties and giving him a job. Franky quickly learns under Celestin's tutelage, giving him confidence and replaces him as the janitor when Celestin is recalled for other duties.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Franky greets Rean Schwarzer and the students of the new Class VII when they arrive in Leeves with the intention of liberating the Branch Campus from its takeover by the main campus and the Imperial Defense Force. He thanks Rean for helping him take his first step towards being a bracer guild receptionist. He states that despite the main campus students pushing off menial work onto him and Gina, they're actually getting along pretty well now. He directs Rean and the others to head to the Neinvalli exchange shop in order to get more information. Following the liberation of the branch campus, he continues to work alongside the other branch campus as part of Operation Shining Steel. Rean encounters Franky alongside Scherazard Harvey and discovers that it was being helped by Schera that inspired Franky to want to become a bracer.

Trails into Reverie

Franky continues to work at the branch campus as a janitor, now entrusted with maintaining the dormitories when Celestin comes for a visit and is pleased to see how he has grown since their last meeting. He states that while his current job is not what he wanted, he has grown to appreciate it and still has his eyes on becoming a receptionist when the time does come.