Franz Reinford (フランツ・ラインフォルト), also known as Black Alberich (黒のアルベリヒ), Alberich of the Black Demise (黒き終焉のアルベリヒ) and by his maiden name Franz Lughman (フランツ・ルーグマン) is the head of the Black Workshop, the leader of the Gnomes and responsible for the execution of the Great Twilight Plan. He wields the combat shell Zoa Balor (ゾア=バロール).

He serves as one of the main antagonists of Trails of Cold Steel III.


Black Workshop Flashback - Visual (Sen III)

Black Alberich at work in the Black Workshop.

In S.1196, Enforcer No. IX, Sharon Kreuger, infiltrated the Reinford Group headquarters on behalf of Anguis 6, F. Novartis, to meet up with Franz Reinford, but after an accidental explosion he disappeared.

In order to fulfill his goal of ushering in the Great Twilight, and by extension the reformation of the Great One, he created the Originator Zero series, with the purpose of them dying for their souls to sublimate into the Sword of Demise, a weapon capable of destroying the Holy Beasts. The Sword would then be used to slay the Nameless One, triggering the Great Twilight.

Following the death of Ishmelga, Alberich is freed of the curse and returns to his original form of Franz Reinford. He passes on after using the Lost Zem to restore the life of Crow Armbrust.


Black Alberich - Introduction (Sen III)

Introduction of Black Alberich in Trails of Cold Steel III.

Prior to being brainwashed by Ishmelga, Franz Lughman/Reinford is a kind and caring father and husband to his family.

As Black Alberich, he is a cold-blooded and uncaring man who is willing go to any lengths to achieve his goals, including unquestionable ones. This is shown when he revealed himself to be alive and claimed that he married the Reinford family just to obtain their technology and knowledge as part of his plan to reform the Great One.


Trails of Cold Steel III

Sen no Kiseki IV -The End of Saga-


  • The name 'Lughman' might be based on the god Lugh from Irish mythology. Lughman is responsible for the creation of Airgetlam and Claiomh Solais, two swords from Irish mythology.

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