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Friedel (フリーデル) is a second year student at Thors Military Academy's nobility Class I ('03-'05). She is the captain of the fencing club.


Friedel is a calm and trustworthy individual, she has the respect of everyone at Thors due to her nature and her skills with a sword. She is close to Loggins, a second year commoner and member of her club, and enjoys teasing him. She regularly has to break up arguments between Loggins and Patrick however due to Patrick always picking on Alan

Fridel is named the strongest of the second year students at Thors. Her skills with a rapier are unmatched with those around her and she always claims victory in fights from her strength.

Vincent always tries to trick Friedel into falling for him, however, it always retaliates back with Friedel's scary side.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Friedel Note (Sen)
Year 2 Class I (Fencing Club)
The Fencing Club's calm and pleasant captain. Always supporting her club's members from the sidelines.
Club No. 1
The strongest member of the Fencing Club, she was able to completely overwhelm Patrick in a duel. Uses a fine Eastern ink brush.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Friedel Note (Sen)
Year 2 Class I (Fencing Club)
The carefree captain of the Fencing Club. Strongest swordsman among the second-year students.
Proud Second Years
She and Loggins are proud of how much Alan and Patrick have grown over the past year as part of the club.
After graduation, she intends to set off on a journey to test her swordsmanship, and has invited Loggins to come along.


  • She and Laura share a common goal in of wanting to become strongest swordswoman and ends up being quite interested in her. In Trails of Cold Steel II, they have the chance to battle each other depending on the party set up.

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