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Chapter 5 - The Invitation

Halle's fingers sought out the trigger of her gun.

There wasn't a man in this bar who could find the courage to stop her. The punks and hoods just cowered, whispering from their seats.

'SHUT UP, all'a ya!' Jack shouted over the buzz.

The chatter in the bar stilled.

Grinding his back teeth, Jack looked straight into the girl's eyes.

'...That's right. My goal is revenge,' she seethed, ' won't mean anything like this.'

Halle lowered her gun.

As Jack watched the barrel of the weapon slide away from his chest, confusion creased his face.

Halle continued talking.

'Over these last three years, I've spent blood, sweat, and tears to learn to be as good as I am.'

With that, the girl threw a card in Jack's face. It was some kind of invitation.

'I have a stage that's better suited to settling this all ready for us,' she said, never giving Jack a moment to protest. 'We'll finish our match there. It'll be one of the poker matches you love oh-so dearly. And I swear, I'll make sure you eat your full share of misery and bitterness after the slop you forced my father to swallow.'

With her threat lingering in the air, Halle disappeared.

Unable to grasp the meaning in the girl's words, Jack just sat there for a while. Finally, he picked up the card that had fallen to the floor and read the text printed on it.

[Tomorrow night at 10, come to the harbor.]

'The harbor? Huh. It can't be...'

A sense of foreboding ran through the back of Jack's mind.

As he was about to crush the card in his hand, a small signature on the back caught his eye.


The penmanship was was the name.


...Oh, man.'

Jack's sense of foreboding would prove right.

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