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Chapter 2 - Soleil of Love

Movies were a cultural phenomenon relatively new to Calvard and virtually unknown on the rest of the continent. They were stories told through moving pictures with sound recorded using an orbal camera, edited, and then displayed on giant screens in theaters for the enjoyment of the masses. And though movies were still uncommon, they were rapidly gaining popularity.

Ordinarily, Jack spurned Halle's invitations to venture out into the great outdoors, but his curiosity about this new innovation overcame his reluctance.

'So, which of the two are we gonna watch? This 'Gunslinger from Hell' one looks good t'me...' he said.

'Two tickets for 'Soleil of Love,' please!' Halle said to Jack, her face positively beaming.

Jack knew then that he had been a fool to even think he might have any choice in the matter. From the day that Halle started working at the bar it quickly became apparent that he had no hope of winning an argument against her. It would be easy to attribute this to the history between him and King, but truth be told, it was just his nature to fold against a hand like hers.

He sighed. 'Soleil of Love,' as he recalled, was a movie adaptation of a popular novel. A LOVE story. The genre alone was enough to convince Jack he wasn't in for a fun time, but he knew better than to try and resist.

Reluctantly, he stepped inside the theater. At least the building had air conditioning. Love story or no, it would be marginally better than standing outside in the sweltering heat, at least.

'Wow! Look at that, Jack! This is so cool!' Halle's eyes were alight with excitement as she took in the building's modern fixtures. She caught sight of the refreshment counter and dragged him over to it. After much wheedling and begging, Jack bought popcorn and drinks for the two of them. Snacks in hand, they made their way to their seats for the start of the movie.

The film began to play and a hopelessly attractive man and woman were projected onto the screen. Jack watched their romantic and tragic tale with stoic resignation while Halle sat captivated by every scene.

Eventually, the movie reached its torrid climax. The two lovers overcame the many obstacles in their path and finally came together as one in marriage, sharing a kiss so passionate that Halle couldn't help but avert her eyes.

She glanced over at Jack to see his reaction...and found him fast asleep in his seat.