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Gaspar Dillon (ギャスパー·ディロン) is the president of VegasFilm, introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Gaspar is a slim, middle-aged man with short brown hair and a bushy two-part moustache with brown eyes and a swept hairstyle. he wears a khaki pinstripe suit jacket with a brown waistcoat, green shirt, dark brown trousers and a red and white polka-dot neck tie.


Gaspar is a man of little patience and is keen not to make people he is trying to impress wait. He gets irritated quickly when people pry into his affairs and operates on a policy of 'Don't stick your head into my business and I won't stick it into yours.'


Gaspar is the president of VegasFilm.

Kuro no Kiseki

Gaspar is not keen on Van Arkride investigating circumstances in Tharbard and quickly brushes him off every time they encounter one another. Gaspar spends much of his time chasing after employee Salvatore Gotch. When the disappearance of newly recruited dancer, Sarah is reported to him, he claims he doesn't care and just wants the parade to get done. In truth, Gaspar is behind Sarah's disappearance.

Gaspar soon becomes the prime suspect of the Arkride Solutions Office and quickly gets into a panic when he realises they are on to him. when the police request a meeting, he goes to the secret level of the VegasFilms building and activates security to dispose of the evidence. When Van and his companions track him down inside the building, he pleads his case, having been threatened by Almata and offering bribes. He is fearful of testifying against Almata, knowing that they will kill him, and states he only provided them with a place to perform their activities, wrote the threatening letters and produced the shishas. He summons more archaisms and then flees.

Ultimately, Gaspar runs into Melchior who ties up lose ends by killing him and painting a message on the wall in Gaspar's blood. His funeral is held a few days later.