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Gehenna (煉獄(れんごく)) is the lowest of the main planes in Septian cosmology. It is depicted as a fiery hellish void where sinners are judged and demons are said to reside. It acts as the Seventh Plane of Phantasma, together with the Abyss.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd


After revealing Rufina Argent to be the Lord of Phantasma in the copy of the Primal Ground below Aster House, Kevin and Ries find themselves in Gehenna. Kevin chastises Ries for her reckless taunting, admitting he's not much better and refusing to accept the punishment meant for him in the Seventh Plane if Ries is with him.

The two of them move forward, facing previous victims of Kevin: first, Owen, a corrupt bishop that ordered the attack on Aster House and informed the jaegers of the existence of the Primal Ground as revenge for being excommunicated, who was Kevin's first target as the Fifth Dominion. Then, Elmer, a child victim of a devil-worshipping cult's experiments that turned him into a cannibal monster, who Kevin had no other resort than to put him out of his misery. The next one is a ghost speaking as Kevin's mother, who's death he blamed on himself. After defeating her, Kevin starts to accept the past.

The two reach the Gates of Gehenna, where a copy of Georg Weissmann, who Kevin assassinated at the Liber Ark, appears in front of them, admitting to being outwitted by the Church. He reveals the source of Phantasma is Kevin's Stigma, after the Aureole disappeared and Phantasma could no longer rely on its power. Phantasma copied the Stigma, manifesting the Lord from Kevin's deep desire of punishment.

Weissmann offers Kevin to unburden himself by throwing away his humanity, which would allow him to wield the full power of his Stigma and Phantasma for his own purposes. Kevin admits to being weak, but refuses Weissmann's offer, as he summons the gatekeepers of Gehenna who they fought before: Astarte and Rostrum. To fight them, Kevin unleashes the light side of his Stigma, turning his Spear of Loa into the Spear of Ur, which allows him to defeat all three.

Weissmann taunts Kevin one last time before vanishing, and Gilbert appears, having been dropped into Gehenna from elsewhere and bringing multiple other devils' attention to the three. Then the Gates of Gehenna open as Estelle, Joshua and everyone else push through, having been helped into their location by Celeste D. Auslese and giving them the chance to escape to the Hermit's Garden.


Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Map 4

Map 5

Map 6

Map 7

Map 8

Map 9

Map 10


Enemy Map 2 Map 3 Map 4 Map 5 Map 6 Map 7 Map 8 Map 10
Bennu Nucleus
Death Slugger
Femael Beast W/ Mael Beast W/ Mael Beast
Haunted Mirror
Mael Beast W/ Femael Beast
Skeletal Bug W/ Deadman, Haunted Mirror, Merman, Spark Mirror W/ Deadman, Haunted Mirror W/ Agnighast, Deadman, Haunted Mirror, Spark Mirror
Spark Mirror
Owen Story
Elmer Story
Malevolent Ghost Story
Weissmann Story
Rostrum Story
Astarte Story

Treasure Chests

Map Key Contents Chest Quote
2 1 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm The chest is empty.
2 Templar Sword (Sora Weapon).png Tabernaculum The chest is empty.
3 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III The chest is empty.
4 Armour (Sora Item).png Cosmic Gear The chest is empty.
3 5 Food To Go (Sora Item).png Beastly Stew The chest is empty.
6 Accessory (Sora Item).png Vajra The chest is empty.
4 7 Food To Go (Sora Item).png Wobbly Rainbow The chest is empty.
8 Food To Go (Sora Item).png Blood Extract The chest is empty.
9 Accessory (Sora Item).png Shine Sphere The chest is empty.
5 10 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm The chest is empty.
11 Bowgun (Sora Weapon).png Purgatorio The chest is empty.
12 Boots (Sora Item).png Dragon Boots The chest is empty.
13 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III The chest is empty.
14 Accessory (Sora Item).png Sapphirl Necklace The chest is empty.
6 15 Accessory (Sora Item).png Grail Locket The chest is empty.
16 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm The chest is empty.
7 17 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm The chest is empty.

Quests and Doors

  • In Gehenna: Rufina drops Ries and Kevin into Gehenna after their confrontation at Aster House.


  • The Territory of Gou of the Azure Tree is said to be another manifestation of Gehenna.
  • In Judaism, Gehenna, also known as Gehinnom, is an afterlife of punishment and cleansing.
  • The term "Gehenna" is the Jewish and Christian analogue of hell/the small valley in Jerusalem.
  • In the Legend of Heroes series, there are some realms that are often the equivalent of the Underworld.
    • Hades is an underworld dimension that lies "beneath" the world in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. It is where Octum, the God of Darkness is imprisoned and is also the realm of the dead.
  • While the version of Gehenna and the Seventy-Seven Devils encountered in The 3rd were later revealed to only be copies, it is heavily implied that Gehenna actually does exist. Examples of this are the real Seventy-Seven Devils manifesting in Erebonia and Crossbell after the Great Twilight begins and the Erebonian Curse allowing them to access Zemuria.