Gehenna (煉獄(れんごく)) is the lowest of the main planes in Septian cosmology. It is depicted as a fiery hellish void where sinners are judged and demons are said to reside.


The gates of Gehenna are guarded by two of the Seventy-Seven Devils: Astarte the Abyssal and Rostrum the Savage.

In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Gehenna serves as one of the final dungeons that appears within Phantasma. There, Kevin Graham and Ries Argent confront Georg Weissman. There is also another, deeper level of Gehenna known as the Abyss.

Another area associated with Gehenna is the shaft near the main entrance of the Sun Fort in Crossbell was considered the path toward Gehenna by the D∴G Cult, from which they could turn away from Aidios' influence to side with demons by performing "rituals".


  • The Territory of Gou of the Azure Tree is said to be another manifestation of Gehenna.
  • In Judaism, Gehenna, also known as Gehinnom, is an afterlife of punishment and cleansing.