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Genesis Tower (ゲネシスタワー) is the final dungeon in Kuro no Kiseki.


Genesis Tower is described as 'seventh principle observation engine' and 'event change technique'.[Japanese 1] The meaning is this description is unknown.

Kuro no Kiseki

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In , Melchior uses the seventh Octo-Genesis to manifest Genesis Tower in Vantail Plaza, Edith. It rises from the ground, enveloping the statue of Sheena Dirke. The appearance of Genesis Tower causes Pandemonium (汎魔化) throughout Edith, stopping time for everyone not associated with Van Arkride, and the manifestation of monsters.


Genesis Tower's interior is shaped like a hollow cylinder, with stairs connecting floating platforms. Along the way to the top, there are several boss fights:


  1. In Japanese: 第七原理観測機関 事象変換術式