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Geofront - Sector C.

The Geofront (ジオフロント) is a large, excavated space that spreads underneath Crossbell City.


The Crossbell government started the execution of their plans to expand Crossbell City in S.1184. The Geofront was designed to facilitate infrastructures for water supply, sewerage and waste disposal. Later it was expanded with the Orbal Network and numerous other equipment.


The Geofront is divided into sectors, running from A through E.

  • A Sector: control for exhaust gas and ventilation.
  • B Sector: centralised control for (clean) water supply.
  • C Sector: heat treating area.
  • D Sector: underground parking lot for orbal cars.
  • E Sector: sealed off area within the Geofront, hidden from the general public. It was used by corrupt officials and diet members to conceal any information that should not leak out, among others.
  • F Sector: introduced in Trails of Cold Steel III, purpose unknown.


Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III