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George Nome (ジョルジュ・ノーム) is a second year student at Thors Military Academy. He is the head of the Engineering Club and serves as Valimar's main mechanic during the Erebonian Civil War. He also belongs to the clan of Gnomes and goes by the name Georg of Copper (銅のゲオルグ).


He has been friends with Angelica Rogner, Towa Herschel and Crow Armbrust since his 1st year at Thors Military Academy.

Possessing a brilliant mind, George displays a happy and helpful personality. He cares about his friends and is willing to do his all in supporting others. However, George also displays a unwilling sneaky side to himself, as he has been working as a double-agent for the Gnomes.

Trails of Cold Steel

In Trails of Cold Steel 1, George is in his 2nd year at Thors and is the Head of the Engineering Club. He helped design the ARCUS Units and offers his services to Rean and Class VII as an Orbal Engineer. Over the course of the game, it is revealed that he has also been helping out with other new Orbal technological patents (such as the Orbal Bike) and has been friends with Towa, Crow, and Angelica since their first year.

After Angelica is forcibly removed from Thors, he continues to maintain her bike.

During the Occupation of Trista, he helps Towa escape from Trista. He is deeply shocked by Crow's betrayal.

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the Erebonian Civil War, George reappears with the Courageous. He serves as Valimar's main mechanic from hence on and helps to create a sword out of Zemurian Ore. During this time, it is also revealed that he served as Professor Schmitt's apprentice during his time at Roer Institute of Technology.

When Rean and Class VII reclaimed Trista, he builds another Orbal Bike for Angelica.

After graduation, George travelled around to various Orbment research facilities e.g. Zeiss Central Factory in the hopes of improving his skills. At the end of his tour, he is said to have visited the Verne Company to meet Professor L. Hamilton.

Trails of Cold Steel III

2 years later, George returns to help out Rean Schwarzer with defeating Gilliath Osborne and Ouroboros' plans. However, it is later revealed that he is a double agent working for the Gnomes in order to reform the Great One. When Ordine was handed over to the military, George had accompanied it as a "helpful mechanic". However, the Azure Knight ended up in different hands. He also arranged the funeral service for Crow Armbrust, but the body used in the funeral was a dummy prepared by the Gnomes. All of this was done, so Black Alberich could gain a powerful observer in form of Azure Siegfried.

Angelica had her doubts about Siegfried, so she decided to confirm some facts, only to find out that there was no record of George ever visiting the Verne Company during his tour. When Angelica notices this, she heads to Himmel Cemetery to confirm the true identity of the body and confronts George there. Black Alberich is also present and orders George to get rid of Angelica as she knows too much.

As Rean destroys the Nameless One, George activates the trigger for the explosive devices that he hid on the Courageous and destroys it. George then tells a shaken Towa Herschel that he had killed Angelica. Sinking to her feet, Towa doubts George could have killed Ange and claims that George is probably holding her captive in the Gnomes' headquarters. Copper Georg is accompanied by a red combat shell, named Naglfar (ナグルファル).

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

George Nome
George Nome Note (Sen)
Year 2 Class III (Engineering Club)
A good-natured second year who runs the Engineering Club. Loves tinkering with orbments and adept with technology.
Tech Institute
He stays in regular contact with the Roer Institute of Technology, sending them regular reports on the orbal bike.
Sweet Fan
Apparently eating helps him work better. He especially likes sweet things.
Bike Bonding
It was thanks to Angelica that he ended up studying the orbal bike, something he's silently thankful for.

Trails of Cold Steel II

George Nome
George Nome Note (Sen)
Year 2 Class III (Engineering Club)
A student who is more capable as an engineer than his age would suggest. Leave orbment problems to him.
Prof. Schmidt
He once studied under Professor Schmidt, but eventually could no longer stand doing so because of his poor attitude.
Work Paid Off
With the assistance of Professor Schmidt and Instructor Makarov, he was able to successfully finish Valimar's tachi.
Engineering Tour
He wants to visit famous engineering factories across the continent to expand his knowledge as an engineer.

Trails of Cold Steel III

George Nome
George Nome Note (Sen III)
Roer Institute of Technology
Professor Schmidt's third apprentice. He's visited workshops all over the continent. Best friend of Towa, Angelica, and Crow.
Theorized that the Gnomes were actually tied to the Black Workshop, part of a network called the Thirteen Factories.
Copper Georg
Revealed himself as a member of the Gnomes. Using a copper combat shell, he stood against his former friend, Towa.

George Nome Note (Sen III)



Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
32px Atlas Gear
Final Curtain: " Flower Petals at Blaze's End"
[STR+1465 RNG+3 必殺2%]


Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill)
20 10 Initial
情報解析 4ターン「バランスダウン100%」
4ターン全能力値↓(小) 遅延+2
Craft (Sen III Skill)
40 25 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力C ブレイクD 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
80 30 Initial
攻撃(威力SS ブレイクS+ 崩し+10%):

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Draupnir Guard
5 Offensive Arts absorption (4 turns)
Physical Reflction (Guard)


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV



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