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Commander Geraint Leger (ゲラント·レイガー) is the commander of the Eisen Schild jaeger corps, introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Geraint is a middle-aged man with chiselled features, sandy brown hair, beard and pale blue eyes. He wears a typical uniform of the Eisen Schild corps, grey camouflage slacks, black boots, gloves, ammunition pouches, belts and two metal plate arm guards, each showing the emblem of the corps. The neck part of his uniform is reinforced with a metal ring. Geraint uses an orbal rifle in combat.


Geraint is an honorable man who values the lives of his subordinates. He evaluates situations with reason and is not hesitant about fighting for a fair deal.


Geraint is the commander of the Eisen Schild Corps.

Kuro no Kiseki

Geraint is first seen directing his corps' efforts against rival corps, the Khurga. He negotiates terms of surrender, with the Khurga taking the victory 6:4. After receiving Aida's letter, Geriant quickly mobilises forces to come to her position but reaches her as she dies. He praises her efforts and says he won't let them go to waste. He believes Van Arkride acted with reason when Feri Al-Fayed hesitates to deliver a final blow to Aida, with Van acting in her stead. Geraint lets Feri keep Aida's rifle

Geraint is next seen trying to ambush Shizuna Rem Misurugi near Longlai. She detects their presence and he reveals his unit, apologising and stating that they are only there for recon and testing her strength would be sufficient.

Geraint brings his forces to take part in the operation against Almata in Oración and is involved in the subsequent game. During the battle, they encounter a unit of Khurga and Van's party may choose to aid either side, eliminating the other from the game. Should Geraint not be chosen, after defeat he gracefully hands over his access keys and withdraws. Should he be chosen, he thanks Van for his assistance and then rests his men. During the battle, he and Hasan Al-Fayed can be found in the orbal shop, where he will state their intentions are to take vengeance out on Almata, remaining in the city in case they launch a surprise attack. if Geraint was chosen, he will then encounter Celis Ortesia and Rion Balthazar, using his previous squad's experience to provide more of a challenge for the dominions. Arioch's intervention causes both groups to withdraw.