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Gerard Dantès (ジェラール・ダンテス) is the leader of Almata in Calvard who serves as the main antagonist of Kuro no Kiseki.



Dantes is a tall man with a long plum mullet and matching eyes, which can also be seen glowing red with slit-like pupils. He wears a stark white suit over a burgundy shirt and waistcoat, complete with a slender lavender scarf and a golden-yellow tie. Dantes also wears a brown long coat with a black fur trim and black leather shoes with golden buckles. He wields a large cruciform sword in combat.


Dantes has a fixation with the concept of fear, perceiving it to be the driving force of existence and to underlie everything.

He wields in battle the Apeiron (聖魔剣アペイロン), a sword both a 'Holy' and 'Demonic'[Note 1] that was passed down within the fallen Calvard royal family. The Septian Church's attempts to retrieve Apeiron after the fall of Calvard Kingdom were futile, for the sword was kept safe by the D∴G cult. The sword is necessary to detonate the Reactor Weapon bombs.


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Gerard was the child of two members of the D∴G cult, whom he described as having clung to the cult to extend their own lives. His true name is Gerard Eldarion (ジェラール・エルダリオン), and he is actually a descendant of Calvard's fallen monarchy.[1] His lineage allowed him to be a high-ranking member of the cult.

In S.1197, he received a report from a cult lodge of a victim, Van Arkride, who was host to a demonic factor. Putting Van through inhumane but nonlethal experiments, the cult succeeded in extracting his demonic essence. Using his authority in the cult, Gerard took possession of it, allowing him to become a demon, which he used to survive and escape the near-total destruction of the cult. Afterwards, he left the cult and joined Almata, which at the time was run by a man named Enrique.

Gerard managed to maintain a public reputation of being an honest and humane person, while Enrique was disliked and seen as petty. Because of this, reporter Dingo Brad was willing to give Gerard the intel he would need to kill Enrique and usurp his position as Almata's Don.

He eventually discovered that the remnants of the cult had merged with the remnants of the Order of the Moonlight Horse to form the Garden. He managed to secure the cooperation of Garden members Arioch, Olympia and Melchior; the former two via contracts, and the latter through Melchior's loyalty and devotion. He also recruited Alexandre and Viola into Almata directly.
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Trails into Reverie

Dantes first appears in Episode: "Beyond the Reverie, And the Sword Maiden Moves On" 創まりの先へ, そして、乙女は剣を手に進み続ける. However, no illustrations of him are shown and his name is not given. Additionally, his organization is only referred to as A.

This episode is set in September of S. 1207. Bracer Elaine Auclair was searching for two children kidnapped by a low-level organized crime syndicate. Said syndicate had aspirations of becoming subcontractors for Almata. Thanks to the assistance of a member of the CID, Auclair was able to track down the location of the syndicate. She easily subdued all of its members before Dantes suddenly appeared. Dantes, disappointed by the syndicate being outwitted and found out, brutally and effortlessly executed all of its members, and also succeeded in subduing Elaine, and used his power to even conceal his presence from her. However, he spared the kidnapped children, and informed Elaine of where she would find them unharmed. He claimed to be pursuing the "ultimate fear", and called fear the driving force behind existence, before escaping.

Kuro no Kiseki

Gerard is first seen experimenting with an Octo-Genesis in Tharbad. He had previously appeared in the guise of a dealer, whom neither Van nor Dingo seemed to recognize.

In Chapter 5: "White Night Carnival" (白夜のカルナヴァル), Gerard uses his sword to detonate an unfinished Reactor Weapon in Creil. Over a thousand individuals, including Dingo, fall victim to the explosion. Later, Gerard hosts a battle royale between the many factions pursuing Almata for their own ends in Oracion, using one of the Genesis to force compliance with its rules (the detonation of another Reactor Weapon in the city being the penalty for disobedience). Van and his team come out on top, and find Gerard with Melchior at his side in Vashtar Palace Ruins, Oracion. Gerard is killed in battle by Van.

Later, Melchior creates the Clock Tower by using the Seventh Genesis, enabling all of the fallen Almata members to revive. Gerard is able to rise again as an Immortal and become a Demon due to the effects of the Pandemonium created by Melchior, as well as Gerard's life being tied to the Ultimate Fear Core. Van finds him at the top and fights him in his own demon form; Van triumphs, and Gerard is finally killed for real when Van takes the core away.


Kuro no Kiseki


  • Gerard is the only main antagonist in the series who is killed by the main character himself, and after only one game of being an antagonist.
  • Dingo speculates Melchior to be Gerard's lover, and some of Melchior's behavior shows him to be affectionate to him, but Gerard doesn't seem to see Melchior as anything more than a subordinate.



  1. Bergard Zeman uses the terms 聖剣 and 魔剣, previously localised as 'Holy Sword' in Jusis Albarea's 'Holy Sword Elvars' (聖剣エルヴァース) and 'Demonic Sword' in McBurn's 'Demonic Sword Angbar' (魔剣アングバール), respectively.


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