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Gerhart Rogner (ゲルハルト・ログナー) is an Erebonian noble. He is the current Marquis Rogner and thereby head of the House of Rogner as well as the ruler over the Nortia Province, the Rogner Marquisdom.


Gerhart is a pride noble, quick to act whenever the Noble Faction is in need of his assistance, especially with the Reinford Group as Erebonia's foremost producer of weaponry based in his marquisdom.

After his daughter assisted Class VII to stop the Imperial Liberation Front in the Sachsen Iron Mine in Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos", he forced her to leave the Thors Military Academy. He agreed to let her visit the academy festival in order to meet a few prospective candidates for an arranged marriage proposal. He also forced her to wear a dress.

Civil War

Although a supporter of the Noble Faction, Gerhart is not obsessed over his status as a noble compared to the duke of Cayenne and Albarea. Aside from his hostile attitude toward Chancellor Giliath Osborne's Reformist Faction, he is loyal to the imperial family. He also felt guilty over the Noble Alliance's decision to confine them to house arrest during the Erebonian Civil War.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, Act 2: "The Awakening Lions", after Class VII re-takes the Reinford building during the civil war and head their way toward the Schwarz Drache Barrier, Gerhart challenges his daughter to a duel in their Panzer Soldats. He initially has the upperhand, but Angelica parries his decisive attack using a Taito technique and sent Gerhart's Hector flying. She reminds him of a lesson he taught her, "true Erebonian nobles must always be able to stand on their two feet", and Gerhart admits defeat.

Afterwards, Gerhart declares his neutrality in the war, siding with neither Noble nor Reformist Faction. After the war, he interrogates Duke Cayenne and Duke Albarea alongside Rufus Albarea and Marquis Hyarms.

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