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Gien Lu (ギエン·ルウ) is an elder of Heiyue, introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Gien is an elderly man with long silver hair which he wears in a long side braid with a red tie. He has Amber eyes, a trait he shares with the rest of the Lu family and a very long wispy moustache with a beard. Gien occasionally wears red-tinted circular glasses. Gien is often seen in one of two outfits. when he is casual, he wears a loose-fitting baggy orange shirt with red floral patterns, with red slippers and red baggy trousers. When acting seriously, he wears long black, teal and red robes with ornate decorations and a purple sash.


Gien has a sly and conniving personality which is he is very adept at masking. He claims to have pride in his work. Gien is manipulative and others caution against trusting him. He is also described as intimidating. Gien is not above sacrifices others for a greater end.

Despite his calculating personality, Gien does care for his family and those in his care, as well as those such as immigrants and refugees.


Gien has been the head of the Lu family for a long time and an elder in Heiyue. He has a son, Fan Lu and two grandchildren, Ashen and Xin.

40 years ago, Gien witnessed the rise of Taikun, having young the previous incarnation since he was a young man. He is regarded as having run Langport for a long time. Gien knew the previous generation of Yin. Samuel Rocksmith once met Gien but did not get along well with him. Latoya Hamilton is another of his acquaintances.

Gien looked after Aaron Wei for a long time, but distanced himself after he recognised the young man as the reincarnation of Taikun. He began scheming on how to best make use of this opportunity.

Kuro no Kiseki

Van Arkride first meet Gien unbeknownst to them at at the time. He masquerades as an old caretaker and offers to wax Van's car for him. He is first revealed as Ashen's grandfather when the fog rolls in and he warns them to gather the families having not seen the phenomenon in 40 years. Gien formally introduces himself to van and the party at a subsequent meeting, discarding his former attire and becoming much more serious. He relays that the council of elders has decided against action following the deaths of the young men at the hands of Almata. He advises them to depart the city, summoning his elite assassins.

Following the battle with Taikun, and Aaron's restoration, Gien appears with his assassins. He states that he had prepared backup should the party fail, and has arranged a reward and transportation for them. He beckons Aaron come with him to discuss matters. Van calls him out as having been working with Almata and having a secret pact, arranging for Almata to get hold of the Genesis and giving them information about what happened 40 years ago. It was all in aid of Gien confirming his suspicions that Aaron was Taikun reincarnated. After being challenged about the way he does things, Gien invites Aaron to take charge as the cold-hearted Taikun and steer Heiyue into a new direction. Cao Lee and Yin's appearance stop Gien from taking them by force and he submits. Following Fan's criticism that Gien overstepped his bounds, Gien calls him out as having shortcomings but concedes, giving up his seat on the council of elders and leaving.

Following the destruction of Creil, Heiyue mobilizes its forces, with Gien travelling to Edith to use the dark-Light District as a base of operations, under the authority of Roy Gramheart. He intercedes when Bugbear jeagers harass the party but his assassins make short work of them. Bergard Zeman's appearance stops Heiyue from finishing them off however.

On Revolution Day, Gien meets with Hamilton and Giscard and they discuss engineering feats, Langport's construction workers and technology's role in supporting the East. When Pandemonium envelops the city, Gien quickly surmises those connected to a 'key' can move, citing his longevity as how he deducted this. he recalls an old tale and wonders how Fan and Aaron will react. Gien compares the situation to what happened in Langport 40 years ago, where things did not progress to to the level of space-time stopping.

In the new year, Gien spends time with his family in Langport.


Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin