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Gilbert Stein (ギルバート・スタイン) was introduced as Mayor Dalmore's steward and assistant in Trails in the Sky FC.



Gilbert is a young man with blue colored hair and dark purple eyes. As a steward in Ruan, he wore a blue blazer, white shirt and puffed dark green pants with a light green tie to make up his attire. Following his recruitment into Ouroboros' jaeger corps, he wears a set of red plate armour with various belts of ammunition and carries an orbal firearm.


Gilbert is initially displayed as a devoted and serious worker when first met. Unfortunately, the time he spent working for Dalmore caused him to become increasingly arrogant and incompetent, overlooking even the simplest of oversights with massive consequences. He considers himself to be very important and sees most people below him as insignificant. The combination of both his arrogance and incompetency in turn causes Gilbert to greatly underestimate his opponents.

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Following his recruitment into Ouroboros, his arrogance increased greatly, believing that the society's superior technology would allow him to overwhelm inferior opponents. Despite climbing up the ranks in the jaeger corps, starting from a squad leader in Trails in the Sky SC to a captain by Trails of Cold Steel IV, Gilbert is extremely disobedient, ignoring orders simply in an attempt to gain personal glory. He is disliked by his subordinates for his grandstanding and incompetence, but they put up with him regardless. Campanella considers Gilbert to be his go-to person to mess around with because of said traits. Gilbert is cowardly and conniving, often using a move in which he pretends to surrender to an opponent, only to instead lower their stats, or toss a grenade at them, which ends up damaging himself as well.

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Gilbert Stein is an alumnus of Jenis Royal Academy. According to Dean Collins, he was a model student with deeply held ideals and political aspirations. Sometime after graduating, he became the steward of Ruan's mayor Morris Dalmore. Years of employment under Dalmore proved to be a negative influence on Gilbert. Seeing Dalmore's flagrant corruption firsthand, Gilbert became disillusioned with his former ideals and gained a similar penchant for wrongdoing as his employer.

Trails in the Sky FC

Gilbert appears with Mayor Dalmore when Joshua, Estelle and Kloe were being harassed by the Ravens, and helps to scare the Ravens off. Acting very apologetic towards the group, he introduces the group to Mayor Dalmore.

Gilbert also appears in the side quest "Candelabrum Theft" where he calls upon Estelle and Joshua to take back a stolen Dalmore family treasure from Phantom Thief B. He then cheers the pair up when they are upset they let the thief escape by stating that they managed to get the treasure back.

After Mercia Orphanage gets burned down to the ground, Gilbert joins Dalmore in his visit to Matron Theresa and watches as the Mayor offers to shelter both Matron Theresa and the children in one of his villas in Grancel. He later appeared at Jenis Academy's Festival as one of its annual patrons. He also contributed some of his money to the rebuild of the Orphanage and was one of the audience members at the play.

After Madam Theresa is attacked, Gilbert appears again at the Mercia Lighthouse. As Estelle and co. reach the top, they see Gilbert talking to some men in black. In his conversation with them, Gilbert reveals that Dalmore himself was the one who orchestrated everything due to his desire to build a travel resort on the site of the orphanage. When Estelle and co. jump out and confront them and after the subsequent fight, the men in black shoot Gilbert in the leg as a distraction and make their escape.

After the men in black get away, Estelle and co. treat Gilbert's wounds and take him and the brainwashed Ravens to Manoria Village where Carna locks them up in the windmill until the proper authorities could be reached. After Mayor Dalmore is arrested, Gilbert is also taken into custody by the Royal Guardsmen. Gilbert is then later seen in the prison at Leiston Fortress locked up in the same cell as Mayor Dalmore, and was near the Capuas, where he constantly pleaded that he was innocent.

Trails in the Sky SC

A few months later after the dragon incident in Bose, Gilbert is seen again having broken out of prison and working for Ouroboros as one of its minor operatives. While initially not directly seen, he appears at the end of the request Mine Extemination where Estelle and co. have to rid Ravennue Mine of robotic like drones. Upon joining Ouroboros, Gilbert was placed as a squad leader in their jaeger corps, eventually being promoted to captain of the 6th Enhanced Jaeger Regiment. He often uses the G-Apache in battle.

After Estelle and co. clear the mine of monsters, a man with blue hair appears in the depths of the mines with an armored subordinate inspecting the damage caused by Estelle and co. The subordinate states that they sure did a number on it and replies that he didn't think Bracers would show up. The subordinate continues that the drones did their best, but couldn't measure up to them. The blue-haired man curses the Bracers and his subordinate asks if he knows them.

The blue-haired man replies that he doesn't want to talk about it and orders the subordinate to gather the remaining drones' remains. The subordinate agrees and remarks that this was a fine test for their archaisms. As the subordinate goes to collect the drones remains, the blue-haired man thinks to himself about how much trouble the Bracers had with a simple patrol unit and doubts they'll last long.

When Estelle is captured and held on the Glorious, she later attempts to escape despite the fact that she is thousand of arges above ground. She is eventually cornered at the top of the ship by four jaegers, before a fifth one arrives, expressing disappointment in her. The jaeger takes his helmet off and asks if she remembers him, which she barely does so, much to his embarrassment. The five of them then attack Estelle, but are initially defeated, much to his annoyance as they outnumber her. The four jaegers revitalize themselves for a second fight, but a sixth jaeger soon arrives and incapacitates all of them. The sixth jaeger that arrived is revealed to be Joshua Bright, who had infiltrated the Glorious with the intent to destroy it.

Following the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, Gilbert was ordered to create chaos. He immediately thought of his alma mater, Jenis Royal Academy, as a good starting point and also to capture Kloe, who was a student at the academy and the princess of Liberl that Bleublanc was obsessed with. He appeared to be unaware that Kloe was actually Klaudia, the princess of Liberl, and that she was in the capital.

Gilbert mistakenly believed that Richelle was Kloe due to being the only female member of the Fencing Club and attempted to use her as a hostage when the bracers arrived, only to be told by Estelle that Kloe was the one at the lighthouse. Gilbert then realized that Kloe had purple hair, and he did not see her at all in the academy. Upon being defeated, Gilbert begged for mercy, just as Campanella appeared. He recalled that Gilbert was not supposed to take hostages and briefly tortured him before teleporting him away.

As Estelle and company infiltrate Liber Ark, they find Josette Capua, who informed them that the society had captured her brothers and crew, imploring them to save her family. The party found the Sky Bandits being held in the brig, but they needed a new card following Joshua's infiltration of the engine room before. As they acquire a new card and make their way back to the brig, a small group of electrical barriers traps them. Gilbert then confronted them, expressing his suspicion that they would try storming the Glorious once more.

Angered that he was not being taken seriously, Gilbert soon deployed the lion-type archaism Riot Arms and wanted to see them beg and suffer, but it was destroyed and Gilbert defeated. Gilbert expressed shock that despite being given a new life, he could not win. Estelle pointed out that the Riot Arms was actually formidable, before Josette stated that he hadn't gotten stronger at all. Faced with this revelation Gilbert uttered another "Blorf" before collapsing.

He is later found and tended to before Campanella plays more tricks on him, much to his disdain. He later sees the Liber Ark collapsing from his bunker window and is angered that the bracers had foiled their plans for world domination. He then stops in his tracks as he wondered if he's going insane as he realized that no one told him what they were going to do with the Liber Ark. He then sprawled on his bed, humiliated by "them" and abused by Campanella, wondering what the society had been doing.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Gilbert was partaking in an operation when he discovered Kevin Graham and Ries Argent wandering around Grancel. Knowing that they were part of the Septian Church, he trailed the two, but they were quickly able to catch onto him due to his poor stealth abilities. Wandering around frantically to find out where they were, the two decided to confront him instead. Kevin was unamused as he had barely changed, while Ries laughed at his attempts to save face from Kevin's insults.

Believing that Ries was being cocky, he quickly donned his jaeger equipment, only for Ries to knock him down instantly. Gilbert asked them how he was hit and learned about the templar sword's mechanisms. He was then intimidated by Ries to explain his actions, as Gilbert claimed that he was on an operation when his airship crashed. Gilbert then corrected himself, stating that he didn't crash on an airship, instead deploying a G-Apache archaism to attack. The archaism was quickly destroyed, and Kevin gave him the choice to be delivered to the Royal Army or be sent to Arteria by either him or Ries.

Before Gilbert could answer, the Recluse Cube started glowing in Kevin's hands as the voice of a masked man appeared from the nearby rooftop. After the man said a few cryptic words, the cube flashed in a bright light that sent all of them to Phantasama. Gilbert was found by Kevin and the others at Phantasama's Grancel castle, where he was surrounded by four monsters; without any equipment of his own, he attempted to beg for mercy. Kevin and the others decided to save him out of pity. He was rescued, but he stormed off believing that he wouldn't need their support.

It is later revealed that he was partaking in an operation to test some new weapon systems when he encountered the Bobcat by sheer chance. Seeking personal glory, he ordered his subordinates to attack, despite being reminded by them that they weren't meant to engage in actual combat. The Bobcat was able to fend off the ship's attacks, prompting Gilbert to personally attack with his G-Apache archaism, only to be shot down and crashing in the lake below, his subordinates abandoning him.

Gilbert soon found himself on the fourth plane of Phantasama where he attempted to steal some food from the local wererats, ending up getting caught and tied. He was found once more by Kevin and the others, who freed him. Gilbert explained that he was fighting some knights at the fake Grancel when a vortex appeared and he fell in it. He tried to avoid Kevin and Joshua's questioning about how the wererats tied him, but fails to do so, becomes embarrassed, and storms off once more. In the process, he ends up falling into Gehenna.

Despite this, Gilbert soon ran into Kevin and Ries at the seventh plane, chased by winged devils. He is saved by the rest of Kevin's group. As the group arrived at Phantasma castle to confront the Lord of Phantasma, a D-Phantom pursued the group. Initially believing that it was just a single enemy, Gilbert was able to manifest his G-Apache and flew out to distract it. Unfortunately, two more D-Phantoms appeared in the process; out of radio range of the Arseille, he frantically flew away to try and lose them.

Gilbert was able to evade the D-Phantoms and returned to the castle just as it was collapsing. Ries and Kevin thanked him for distracting the D-Phantoms, as he played an "important" role. Gilbert was shocked but appreciated the praise, claiming that he would be stronger and higher ranked as he returned to the real world.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

True to his word, Gilbert eventually became the captain of the 6th Regiment following the Phantasma incident. He also became a wanted criminal in Liberl.

He is first seen in Hamel after learning that Ash Carbide was there, wishing to "speak" with him regarding his shooting of the Emperor. In the process, he ran into new Class VII and Randy in the process, recognizing the latter as a threat. Ash noted his intent and launched a surprise attack, which angered Gilbert as he chased them to an open field, only to be defeated. He and his subordinates then watched the clash between Juna and Ash's Panzer Soldats with Rutger's Zector before fleeing.

He takes part in a Ship hijacking alongside the Imperial Defense Force, Nidhoggr, and the former Northern Jaegers in an attempt to arrest Marquis Fernand Hyarms and Count Theodore Egret though the IDF and the two Jeager groups are defeated by Class VII, Celestin, and Setsuna. Before they could fight Gilbert however, he runs away scared.

He later participated with Red Constellation during the attack on the Pantagruel, accompanied by two subordinates and archaisms. He encountered Estelle's group and fought them, only to be defeated. He ordered his men to continue fighting, worried he would lose the commander's respect for him. His G-Apache malfunctioned however, and he crashed into a support, knocking him out briefly. Gilbert and his men were able to quickly regain consciousness and confronted the two attack groups at the deck of the Pantagruel, but eventually retreated, jumping onto a waiting gunship.

Following this attack, Gilbert was ordered by F. Novartis to test the Field Nulling Device around Eryn Village and observe the results. Gilbert recklessly accepted the orders, waiting for Roselia to leave, but instead of observing as instructed, decided to seize the village. Although the tests were successful, Gilbert decided to remain for personal glory. He was defeated once more as the final device was deactivated, but before Vita, Emma and Roselia could deal with him, Campanella appeared, clearly irritated by his lack of incompetence and compared it to the Jenis Royal Academy incident. Campanella proceeded to briefly electrocute Gilbert as punishment before teleporting him and the devices away.

Gilbert later returned to the Glorious. Upon the start of Operation Radiant Wings, Gilbert led a group of gunships to attack the Courageous II. The ship responded back by firing missiles and lasers, which Gilbert commented was "unfair". All of the gunships, including Gilbert's, was shot down, but he stated that he would be back.

Trails into Reverie

Gilbert remained in the society, working with the Red Constellation for some exercises. He fought alongside Gareth in a practice session against Cedric Reise Arnor, losing to the former prince's newfound resolve.

This loss greatly upset Gilbert, who then proceeded to head to Ymir with his G-Apache to vent his anger and try to surpass him. Novartis has improved his G-Apache with a barrier system in the process. While training, he ran into a wild boar and fought it, catching the attention of the Bright family, who had arrived in Ymir for a brief respite. Gilbert used the barrier to protect against their attacks, but the archaism began to overheat as it was never meant to sustain it for a prolonged period of time. Cassius sent Gilbert and his G-Apache flying off in the distance when it exploded, but Gilbert had somehow managed to escape.

He later participates in the attack on Reverse Babel.


Trails in the Sky FC

Trails in the Sky SC

Trails of Cold Steel IV




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