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The Glorious (グロリアス), also known as the Crimson Ark ((あか)方舟(はこぶね)), is the highly advanced battleship used by Ouroboros.


While the Glorious has low manoeuvrability compared to the Arseille, its comparable speed, formidable defense, and overwhelming firepower (the Glorious is loaded with a large array of armaments, including orbal anti-air cannons and homing missiles) compensate.

The Glorious has the greatest length 280 arges from bow to stern, making it the largest airship ever flown; and strictly undetectable but due to its superb cloaking abilities.

The ship's inner dock can contain up to twelve patrol ships, and it is heavily guarded by a wide array of archaisms for security.

Trails in the Sky SC

In S.1202, the Glorious finished construction and made its maiden voyage to Liberl, after Georg Weissmann requested its use in his Gospel Plan. Aware of its deployment, Joshua Bright enlisted the aid of the Capua Family to try and sneak onboard and disable it soon after its arrival in the country.

During this period, an unconscious Estelle Bright was forcibly brought abroad by a party consisting of Leonhardt, Renne Hayworth and Georg Weissmann, and Joshua Bright snuck aboard the Glorious using one of its scout ships. After deciding against joining Ouroboros, Estelle stages an escape but meets her match against Several enhanced Jaegars, including Gilbert Stein. Joshua comes to her aid, having been planting bombs in an attempt to destroy it. The pair make their escape onboard a scout ship Joshua had prepared.

The Glorious was eventually put back in working order quickly after the incident and notably remained operational after the appearance of the Liber Ark and subsequent Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon. The Glorious is used to ferry Ouroboros' troops to the liber Ark and capture the Capua Family. Upon their arrival to the floating city, Estelle and her party infiltrate the Glorious with Josette Capua and rescue them. After events in the city are concluded and the Aureole 'disappears', Ouroboros's remaining forces retreat on the Glorious.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

A copy of the glorious is recreated in Phantasma's Sixth plane, The Black Ark, where it is black instead of its usual crimson colour. Archaisms patrol its decks and copies of Kyle and Don Capua are fought before The party defeats the guardians of the location: copies of Walter, Luciola and Bleublanc.

In a Memory door, the immediate aftermath of the falling of the Liber Ark is revealed with Bleublanc and Walter watching its demise. Gilbert has a moment of crisis as he watches what transpires. Campanella wanders down into the sanctuary where he requests access into the Celestial Globe to report on the end of the Gospel Plan and deliver the Aureole unto the Grandmaster.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

At the behest of Cedric Reise Arnor under orders from Giliath Osborne, the Glorious is deployed to further Ouroboros' aims in Erebonia by attacking the Pantagruel summit where Operation Mille Mirage is being planned. The Glorious doesn't actually participate in the main attack, instead deploying waves of ships and three Aions.

Later, the Glorious defends the airspace around the Tuatha De Danann, using a similar strategy as before.

Trails into Reverie

The Glorious is briefly seen as a place Cedric is training after his aspiration to join as an enforcer. Mariabell Crois and F. Novartis watch froma distance and discuss his merits.


The Glorious is an large imperial class warship that is equipped with 22 engines. It is divided into sterns and two forecastles each with two floors each.

Both the sanctuary and the engine room are strictly monitored, with only Anguis and Enforcers being allowed in. Voice identification technology, implemented by F. Novartis, prevents intruders from simply barging in to these vital areas. The sanctuary contains a massive classical organ and also provides the Anguis a location to safely communicate with their fellow Anguis and the Grandmaster.

The Glorious contains three hangars that hold smaller scouting or assault ships for their jaeger occupants to use, alongside flying archaisms. The ship also has a brig to hold prisoners.



Trails in the Sky SC