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The Glorious (グロリアス), also known as the Crimson Ark ((あか)方舟(はこぶね)), is the highly advanced battleship used by Ouroboros during the Gospel Plan in Liberl.


In S.1202, the Glorious finished construction and made its maiden voyage to Liberl. During this period, an unconscious Estelle Bright was forcibly brought abroad by a party consisting of Leonhardt, Renne Hayworth and Georg Weissmann, and Joshua Bright snuck aboard the Glorious using one of its scout ships.

The Glorious was badly damaged by Joshua Bright who snuck in to plant bombs in an attempt to destroy it. It was eventually put back in working order quickly after the incident.


The Glorious is an large imperial class warship that is equipped with 22 engines. It is divided into sterns and two forecastles each with two floors each.

Both the sanctuary and the engine room are strictly monitored, with only Anguis and Enforcers being allowed in. Voice identification technology, implemented by F. Novartis, prevents intruders from simply barging in to these vital areas. The sanctuary contains a massive classical organ and also provides the Anguis a location to safely communicate with their fellow Anguis and the Grandmaster.

The Glorious contains three hangars that hold smaller scouting or assault ships for their jaeger occupants to use, alongside flying archaisms. The ship also has a brig to hold prisoners.


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