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Blue Gnosis.

Gnosis (グノーシス) is a drug formulated from Pleroma Grass that has multiple powerful effects on the body, mind, and spirit. It is capable of drawing out latent abilities and other unusual side effects.


Red Gnosis.

Gnosis was originally developed by the Crossbellan alchemists and founders of the D∴G Cult in S.700. The cult members believed that by taking Gnosis that their personal knowledge would be shared with the Zero Child. Once enough knowledge was granted to reach "true wisdom", the Zero Child would manifest as the cult's true goddess, Demiourgos.

Blue and Red Gnosis

Although the two types of Gnosis are biochemically identical, Blue Gnosis is created with Blue Pleroma while Red Gnosis is created from the rarer Red Pleroma. Red Gnosis has more powerful spiritual effects and allows its user to transform into a demon through a process called Demonization (魔人化(デモナイズ)).

In addition to the physical metamorphosis of demonization, it also may grant its user access to supernatural perception and knowledge. This is a fragment of the power once harbored by the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, Demiourgos.


Gnosis is a Greek word which means "knowledge".