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The Gordias-class tactical archaism (ゴルディアス級戦略人形兵器) is a humanoid weapon series based on Ouroboros's research of artifacts. Originally developed by Joerg Rosenberg, Thirteen Factories supervisor F. Novartis has since assumed control of the development plans.[1]


See also: Pater-Mater and Aion

All Gordias-class tactical archaism are equipped with the Mars integrated orbal arithmetic logic unit, which allows them for advanced autonomous combat and effective identifying of targets.[2] Their users are not required to board the archaisms to provide them with instructions, although Aion Type-α has been seen piloted from within the archaisms as well.[1]

The armor plating is made using kurdalegon alloy, which was the most fitting material to use, given that it is the most capable the developed had access to at the time of Pater-Mater's construction.[2] The second-generation Aion use kurdalegon III, which provides more defense than the hardened steel used in Reinford Group's Panzer Soldats.[3]

Altought the Gordias-class machines are capable of flight, they are not designed for mid-air combat with the exception of Aion Type-β, which was build specifically for that purpose.

List of Gordias-class tactical archaisms

Type Mk Image Appears in
Pater-Mater - Introduction (SC)
Trails in the Sky SC and the 3rd
Ao no Kiseki
Aion Type-α (Ao)
Ao no Kiseki
Aion Type-α II - Introduction (Sen III)
Trails of Cold Steel III and IV
Aion Type-β (Ao)
Ao no Kiseki
Aion Type-β II - Introduction (Sen III)
Trails of Cold Steel III and IV
Aion Type-γ (Ao)
Ao no Kiseki
Aion Type-γ II - Introduction (Sen III)
Trails of Cold Steel III and IV


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