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The Gospel Plan (福音計画) is the completed first phase of the Orpheus Final Plan. Its aim was the retrieval of the Sept-Terrion of Space, the Aureole.


It is unclear when the Gospel Plan was commenced exactly. Soon after the Hamel Tragedy and Hundred Days War in S.1192, Campanella invited Leonhardt to join Ouroboros to retrieve the Shining Ring, Aureole. It is unclear whether Georg Weissmann, later the Anguis who leads the plan, was already involved at this point in time.[Note 2]

After obtaining the Aureole, Weissmann let his personal ambition (using the powers of the Aureole to accelerate the evolution of mankind into flawlessly rational and peerless intelligent beings) get the better of him. His greed ultimately becomes his downfall, as Gralsritter Kevin Graham reveals himself as the fifth Dominion that was tasked with Weissmann's assassination.

Campanella picks up Weissmann's staff, in which the Aureole was stored, and reports back to the Grandmaster in the Celestial Globe. Lamenting the loss of both Weissmann and Leonhardt, the Grandmaster declares the Gospel Plan as finished and announces the start of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.



  1. Soon after the Hamel Tragedy, Campanella invites Leonhardt to join Ouroboros to help find the Aureole.[1]
  2. Weissmann was working for the Septian Church until S.1195, three years after the Hundred Days War.[2]


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