Grace Lynn (グレイス・リン) is a journalist for the Crossbell Times.


Grace was born in S.1179.

As a journalist, she displays two important traits: on the one hand the desire to always report the truth, and on the other a strong innate curiosity. Her ability to gather material and deduce conclusions based on these have been beneficial for many of the professional partners, such as Guy Bannings and the Special Support Section.

Noteworthy reports

She was one of the first to suggest Ernest Reis' suspicious behaviour prior to the assassination attempt on Mayor Henry MacDowell. After the Cult Incident, she reported the truth on influential persons like Crossbell government's imperial faction Speaker Hartmann and the inner workings of the D∴G Cult, which led to a big scandal.

She embarked with the Special Support Section on the Merkabah, because she was genuinely interested in what would happen to the future of Crossbell but could not deny it was also partially out of personal interest. Grace was also the first to interview Henry MacDowell as he declared Crossbell's independence as illegitimate.


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