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The Gralsritter (星杯騎士団(グラールリッター)) is an order within the Congregation for the Sacraments of the Septian Church.


Unlike regular clergymen and sisters of the Church who run the various Sunday School services, churches, chapels and cathedrals around the continent, the Gralsritter are responsible for the investigation and retrieval of ancient Zemurian artifacts. Generally, they are a more elite and secretive group and its member are proficient in combat, particularly in the use of two traditional weapons: the bowgun, a crossbow type weapon, and a Templar Sword, a segmented blade that can be swung around like a whip.

Their uniforms and appearances vary from Knight to Knight and rank to rank, but commonly male Squires wear a white uniform with a beret, whilst female Squires dress in the same fashion as ordinary sisters. The organization's twelve most elite Knights, the Dominion, vary in appearance but usually feature long flowing coats and drapes with cross like patterning.

Knights of the Gralsritter may be proficient in the use of Thaumaturgy, a mystic art known only to the Church. It is said that the two branches of the church do not get along and Gralsritter may not always be welcome or able to operate to their best capacity-necessitating uncover operations most of the time.


Gralsritter are expected to abide the following six principles:

  • Offer your soul to Goddess and your body to Her church.
  • Protect the Sacraments.
  • Swear loyalty to the Holy Father.
  • Carry out your duties with dignity.
  • Protect the peace and order of the three worlds.
  • Heretics must be eliminated.


The Gralsritter has approximately 1,000 members, acting under the congregation for the scaraments. At the head of the Gralsritter is the commander, Ein Selnate.

  • Dominion: 12 special knights among the Gralsritter who act as the organization's leaders. The Dominion have been active for approximately a thousand years. A manifestation of a Stigma is both necessary and sufficient in order to be promoted to the rank of Dominion. Other Dominion are capable of sensing whenever there is a Stigma to manifest.
  • Knight: a promoted class among the Gralsritter of the Septian Church. In addition to retrieving artifacts, they are also tasked with supporting the Dominion they have been assigned to.
  • Squire: a base class among the Gralsritter of the Septian Church.



  • The first two Japanese characters in Gralsritter, 星杯, are a playful homonym on the Holy Grail (聖杯). In the PSP version of Trails in the Sky SC, it was translated as "star chalice" instead of the definitive "grail" that appeared in the Steam version.
  • Gralsritter means "grail's knights" in German.