Grancel (グランセル地方) is a region in the east of Liberl. It borders on Valleria Lake to the west, the Zeiss region in the southwest, the Calvard Republic to the east and the Rolent region to the north. Its provincial capital is also the capital of Liberl Kingdom, the City of Grancel.



Grancel - City of Grancel 5 (FC).png

City of Grancel, also known as the Royal Capital, is the capital and largest city of Liberl. What the city lacks in size compared to the capitals of Liberl's neighboring nations Erebonia and Calvard, with a population of just around 300,000 people, it makes up for it with its rich history.

Grancel - Erbe Royal Villa 20 (FC).png

Erbe Royal Villa is a private villa owned by the Liberlian Royal Family. It is primarily used by members of the royal family whenever they want to get away for some personal thinking time or if they want to relax.

Military installations

Grancel - Sanktheim Gate 1 (FC).png

Sanktheim Gate and Gurune Gate are border gates that serves as a guarded checkpoint between Zeiss region in the southwest and the Rolent region in the north. The gate is part of the Ahnenburg Wall.

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