Grancel Castle is the huge castle in which the Liberlian Royal Family reside in Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd.


Grancel Castle is a huge castle that the Liberlian Royal Family have resided since the foundations of the country. It is located in the northern quarter of Grancel City right above Valleria Lake and the Sealed Area. Since ancient times, many have tried to take down the Castle, but have not succeeded in getting past Sanktheim Gate and the massive wall which encircles the Royal Capital.

In S.1202, though, it was successfully infiltrated and taken over by Alan Richard and the Intelligence Division. He then dug a tunnel into the hidden sealed area and once he got the Gospel activated the ruin. However, his coup was stopped by Estelle and co. and the castle was returned to its rightful owners, Queen Alicia von Auslese and Princess Klaudia von Auslese


Grancel Castle's structure consists of 3 floors.


  • Food Cellar
  • Treasury

Ground Floor

  • Kitchen
  • Maid Quarters
  • Dining Room
  • Guard Room - East Wing
  • Government Offices - West Wing

First Floor

  • Library - West Wing
  • Bar and Lounge - East Wing
  • Throne Room - Centre Room
  • Guest Rooms - East and West Wing


  • Garden Terrace
  • Royal Keep
  • Princess Klaudia's Room - located in Royal Keep
  • Queen Alicia's Room - located in Royal Keep


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Trails in the Sky SC

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