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The Grancel Cathedral (グランセル大聖堂) is the cathedral church of Liberl. It is the seat of the archbishop of Liberl, currently Archbishop Currant.


The cathedral has been active since the Dark Ages and the clergy considers it the oldest church building in Liberl. In Trails in the Sky FC, the cathedral celebrates the 1120th year of the cathedral's history, which was founded alongside the royal bloodline of the Liberl family. This puts the construction date of the Grancel Cathedral around S.82, almost four centuries before the Septian Church as an institutionalised religion.

The clergy is concerned that due to the conveniences of orbal technology, people have lost their faith in Aidios and considers it their task to remind people that it was the Septian Church that brought back humanity from the brink of extinction following the Great Collapse. Every year, fewer people come to the church for prayer. Many teenagers cease their attendance immediately after graduating from Sunday School.