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The Grand Arena (グランアリーナ) is an arena located in the East Block of City of Grancel, Liberl.


The Grand Arena is an arena that was built a long time ago. Now, it is used as the main site of the Martial Arts Tournament established by Queen Alicia von Auslese.

It is also used to hold public performances as well.

Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd

The Arena makes it debut when Estelle, Joshua and Olivier team up with Zin Vathek to take part in the martial arts competition- their only chance of seeing the Queen. At the last moment, the format of the tournament changed from 1v1 combat to teams by Dunan von Auslese so that he could have the Capua Family compete. Other teams participating include the Raven Gang, a separate team of Liberlian bracers, lots of military squads and Lt Lorence and his squad. Zin's team are ultimately victorious.

In the second appearance in the series, Estelle enters the arena only to face off against a monster, a Master Cryo that had somehow found its way inside.

A copy of the Grand Arena is created in Phantasma where increasingly strong teams (sometimes bizzare) appear as challengers. An invitation item must be obtained prior to being allowed entry to each of the three levels of difficulty.


Ground Floor

  • Reception Area
  • Waiting Areas - East and West Wings
  • VIP suites - East and West Wings

First Floor

  • Audience Area