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Grianos (グリアノス), also known as the Azure Guardian (蒼の守護鳥), is the bird familiar of Vita Clotilde.


Grianos is the bird familiar of Vita Clotilde, the Second Anguis. Grianos has been with Vita since she was young and growing up in the Hexen Clan village. He is unable to talk and acts mostly as the medium through which Vita sends her magic through, however like Celine, he is presumed to know and use magic.

Exerting the spell Savant Valse (魔徒の円舞(サヴァント・ヴァルス)), Vita is able to pour an incredible amount of mana in her familiar, allowing Grianos to grow into Grianos-Aura (グリアノス=アウラ), a monstrous bird which is capable of summoning gale winds with its wings.


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