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Grimcats, Cat of the Illusory Night (幻夜の猫(グリムキャッツ)) is the Shard Combat form Judith Ranster takes by using her Xipha. In this form, she is known as Grimcats the Phantom Thief (怪盗グリムキャッツ) who operates at night. She was originally a young female rival with the current (Lady) Yin.



Once transformed, Judith develops flaming pigtail hair and an upper face mask resembling a cat's. She wields orange glowing claws as a possible weapon and her attire consists in a sort of futuristic cat suit on heels with tail to complete the look. She carries her retractable whip behind her.


While she is operating in another disguise, Grimcats does not change her personality much, only exhibiting her private side without care. Due to her personality in this form, her true identity can be easily deduced by keen or intelligent people she met before.


Grimcats is similar to the Yin, a family lineage of a certain trade, with hers being a female phantom thief lineage that clothes herself in a cat-motif revealing attire. Trained by her grandmother and mother, the current generation of Grimcats operates across Calvard to where Judith travels, but unlike her predecessors, she uses a Shard Combat form created by her Xipha to increase her base abilities.