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Grimsel Fortress (グリムゼル小要塞) is a bracer training facility located in the Le Locle region of the Leman Province.


Grimsel Fortress is a high tech training facility meant to test bracers on their athletic, mental and covert infiltration skills. It is a high-tech fortress with new and highly advanced detection and monitoring devices. Many of its rooms are designed to test how bracers will operate in certain scenarios such as scenarios where they have to operate in complete darkness or sneak around an enemy facility.

Grimsel Fortress was designed and created some time before S.1202. It was used as the final testing stage for Anelace Elfead's and Estelle Bright's training course where they had to infiltrate the facility to rescue Kurt from enemy jaegars who were being played by Carna and Grant. Upon completion of this quest, Estelle and Anelace were allowed to complete their training course and return to Liberl.