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Gwyn Reinford (グエン・ラインフォルト) is the establisher and former CEO of the Reinford Group. He is also the father of Irina Reinford and the grandfather of Alisa Reinford.



Gwyn is an elderly man with bright blue eyes and silver hair. He has a visible widow's peak and a bushy moustache and beard. Gwyn wears a black pinstripe turtle-neck sweater and cream trousers with maroon loafers. He also wears a sky blue jacket with white lapel and a loose green and grey scarf hanging around his shoulders.


Gwyn is a jovial,helpful and friendly individual who prefers a quiet life. He deeply cares and loves his family and has an equal love for machines. He can be quite agitated when his point of view contrast with his daughter Irina or old colleague G. Schmidt, often losing his composure. Gwyn often jokes about setting up his grand daughter with potential partners, and makes inappropriate comments about the female class members, often giving him the reputation of a 'pervy old grandpa' character.

Gwyn has a love for fishing and enjoys his simple life in the Nord Highlands.


Gwyn formed the Reinford Group, which initially made gunpowder-based weapons for the Imperial military. Following the Orbal Revolution, Gwyn noted the success of orbments and began creating better weapons for them, while improving the country's infrastructure at the same time. This made the company highly profitable and well-known throughout Erebonia.

In S.1199, the Reinford Company was hired by the Imperial Military to work on project for brand new railway guns at Garrelia Fortress. Realizing the damage that they could do, Gwyn started to vehemently oppose the project, however, he was overruled by his daughter Irina Reinford, who later made him step down as CEO. He wondered what he had done to turn her into a workaholic.

After stepping down as CEO, Gwyn traveled around Erebonia, building a cabin at Lake Lacrima in the Nord Highlands. He would use the cabin for roughly half of the year; he would spend his time meeting with old friends and travelling around Erebonia for the other half. He befriended the locals at the Nomadic Settlement, appreciating their lifestyle and eagerly helped them with any orbal problems they had.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Rean Schwarzer and the rest of Group A encounter Gwyn at his home in the Nord Highlands. Initially he is absent but the group, including Alisa his granddaughter, are soon acquainted. Gwyn helps the locals repair their equipment, such as the orbal vehicles.

During the Erebonian Civil War in S.1204/5, Gwyn reunited with his grand-daughter, Alisa and her friends who had escaped from the occupation of Trista in the Nord Highlands. He then helped to protect them and together they investigated the weird phenomena and the Cryptids until they reunited with Rean Schwarzer.

After the Erebonian Civil War in S.1206, Gwyn helped his family to restore the Reinford Company.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Gwyn is reacquainted with New Class VII in Heimdallr airport, where he and his granddaughter are investigating bugging and surveillance devices placed by Calvardian operatives. He is later seen discussing a new type of airship, suspected to be Calvardian, with Olivert, Victor S. Arseid and others. In Heimdallr Museum, Rean catches Gwyn and Schmidt near the exhibits and surprises them when he mentions a 'Professor Lughman'. They dismiss the name as a coincidence.

Gywn is present at the party in Valflame Palace's Esmelas garden, where he converses with Patrick, Sharon and Fernand Hyarms. After martial law is declared, Gywn helps Class VII establish contact while staying at a hotel with Irina. They are able to contact Elise and Alfin using the devices he helps to set up. When the city is besieged by the manifestation of Cryptids and Magic Knights, Gwyn takes shelter with many others at St. Astraia Girls' School.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Gwyn reappears on the bridge of the Courageous II, having been part of its development process following the end of the October War in secret. he was focused on diverting Schmidt's unreasonable demands and questions their thinking for cooperating towards the Great War. He and Ferris later talk to Alisa and Rean, the two not missing a chance to matchmake them.

Gwyn manges to establish a communication link to the research vessel projecting a barrier onto the Spirit Shrine. He calls out Irina and Sharon on their stubbornness and says Schmidt is 'full of it' when he explains his decisions. He is disappointed to hear the rumours about Black Alberich were true. After the events on board the research vessel are concluded, Gwyn and Irina return to the Reinford company to find a new path.

When the fake Salt pales manifest, Gywn questions Irina about knowing something about them, which she denies. before the operation begins on the day of the Great War, Gwyn states that the Empire could never occupy the Republic for long, and there are serious logistical errors that would break the Reinford Groups' capabilities if pushed too far.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III