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Gwyn Reinford is the establisher and former CEO of the Reinford Group. He is also the father of Irina Reinford and the grandfather of Alisa Reinford.


Establishing the Reinford Company

Gwyn formed the Reinford Group, which initially made gunpowder-based weapons for the Imperial military. Following the Orbal Revolution, Gwyn noted the success of orbments and began creating better weapons for them, while improving the country's infrastructure at the same time. This made the company highly profitable and well-known throughout Erebonia.

Losing the Presidency

In S.1199, the Reinford Company was hired by the Imperial Military to work on project for brand new railway guns at Garrelia Fortress. Realizing the damage that they could do, Gwyn started to vehemently oppose the project, however, he was overruled by his daughter Irina Reinford, who later made him step down as CEO. He wondered what he had done to turn her into a workaholic.

After stepping down as CEO, Gwyn traveled around Erebonia, building a cabin at Lake Lacrima in the Nord Highlands. He would use the cabin for roughly half of the year; he would spend his time meeting with old friends and travelling around Erebonia for the other half. He befriended the locals at the Nomadic Settlement, appreciating their lifestyle and eagerly helped them with any orbal problems they had.

Erebonian Civil War

During the Erebonian Civil War in S.1204/5, Gwyn reunited with his grand-daughter, Alisa and her friends who had escaped from the occupation of Trista in the Nord Highlands. He then helped to protect them and together they investigated the weird phenomenon and the Cryptids until they reunited with Rean Schwarzer.

Post Civil War

After the Erebonian Civil War in S.1206, Gwyn helped his family to restore the Reinford Company.


Gwyn has a friendly and helpful personality. He deeply cares and loves his family and has an equal love for machines.

Gwyn has a love for fishing and enjoys his simple life in the Nord Highlands.


Reuniting with Alisa - S.1204


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III

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