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The Haken Gate (ハーケン門) is a guarded checkpoint on the international border between the region Bose in Liberl and the Sutherland Province in Erebonia. The Haken Gate can be reached through the Eisen Road from the City of Bose. The Haken Gate is situated 210 selge north of the City of Bose.


The Haken Gate is guarded by the Royal Army Border Patrol under supervision of General Morgan. The Haken Gate consists of two main buildings. One is near the gate where the Royal Army resides in their quarters. Under that building is a basement used to detain any prisoners. The other building is the bar and inn for travellers going to either Liberl or the Empire may reside to rest and relax in.

During the Hundred Days War, the Haken Gate was penetrated and broken down by the Empire's blitzkrieg and it was soon captured at the beginning of the war 10 years before Trails in the Sky began.

Trails in the Sky FC

At the Haken Gate, Estelle Bright's group takes off their Bracer emblem to talk to General Morgan without angering him. Since General Morgan wasn't there initially, the group was hanging out at the bar where they met Olivier who initially unnerved them. Later, General Morgan came into his quarters and the bracers begin to talk to him.

There he tells them some info that the Royal Army got off the matter. One is that the Linde disappeared after taking off from the Bose Landing Port on its way to Rolent. The airship couldn't have been attacked by monsters because there is no airship in sight on the plains in between Rolent and Bose. The probability of the airliner going down in the Valleria Lake or ocean is extremely low as well. Also an organization called the Capua Family sent a letter demanding ransom for the hostages. Unfortunately, Estelle lets slip that they are Bracers due to talking about fighting the Capuas back in Rolent.

General Morgan kicked them out in anger, and then Schera soon enragedd him even further by saying the Royal Army not being able to do their job is why the bracers are in Bose to begin with. Fortunately, Olivier comes in to calm everybody down with his song on the lute, "Amber Amour" and General Morgan "escapes" and takes off the ban on travellers going along the Eisen Road.

Oliver then fully introduced himself and his name to the party when they returned back to the bar. The party then introduced their names to Olivier. The party then takes Olivier's offer to escort him to the City of Bose while they are on it.

Trails in the Sky SC

See also: Haken Gate Standoff

The gate is almost the site of another conflict between Erebonia and Liberl as the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon makes life difficult in Liberl. Having just warded off an assault by Ouroboros on Grancel, Steam-powered Erebonian tanks make an advance on liberl in the guise of helping to restore peace and investigating orbal power outages in the southern regions of the Empire.

Estelle and Princess Klaudia lead a negotiation with Zechs Vander and Prince Olivert Reise Arnor who agree to hold back if Liberl can show proof they can handle the crisis. Cassius Bright arrives on an Zero-field generator Arseille and provides that proof. Now the party must storm the Liber Ark before Erebonian reinforcements arrive.


  • Marco - a merchant from the Erebonian Empire who is on his way to Bose.
  • Amelia - works at the Haken Gate Rest Stop
  • Nolan - the clerk at the Haken Gate Rest Stop; sells Vegetable Sandwich and Potluck in a Shell
  • Carlos- wants to visit the Erebonian Empire
  • Sentry - guardsmen to the Haken Gate
  • General Morgan - The general of the Royal Army and the Haken Gate.