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The City of Haliask (首府ハリアスク[Note 1]) is the capital city of North Ambria.


North Ambrian Disaster

Main article: North Ambrian Disaster

In S.1178, on July 1 at 17:45,[Note 2] one of the Haliask's suburbs was struck by the Salt Pale. The disaster led to the collapse of the Principality of North Ambria and is re-established as a democratic state following elections in S.1179.[1][2]

Northern War

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In S.1205, negotiations between the imperial government of Erebonia and the parliament of North Ambria following the liability claim of the arson in Celdic by the Northern Jaegers during the October Campaign were interrupted by this same jaeger corps. With the diplomatic route closed off to them, Erebonia decided to launch an invasion on North Ambria. Within days, the imperial battalion marched toward the capital and surrounded it, giving the Northern Jaegers one week to concede. When no response came, Erebonia occupied the parliament and in December S.1205 the decision was made to merge North Ambra into the Erebonian Empire.

Imperial Province

Immediately after the merger was formalised Erebonia started investing in North Ambria's infrastructure and connected Haliask to the imperial rail network. The railroad is completed in S.1206 and imperial businesses start branching out to Haliask. After close to three decades of poverty, Haliask is flourishing once again. A first department store in North Ambria opened in S.1206.[3]

In order to realise the plans to remove the soil salinity[Note 3] that once laid waste to North Ambria's domain, Reinford has been installed in Haliask as the operator for his plan.

On June 19, S.1206, an underground workshop where archaisms are made was discovered on the outskirts of Haliask. The workshop was found by students of Thors Military Academy and subsequently destroyed. It is believed the workshop is related to the archaisms deployed during the Northern War.

Haliask is one of Erebonia's Eight Metropolises Plan.[4]



  1. In the Japanese version, Haliask is referred to as 旧公都ハリアスク in Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Star Door 2: "The Salt Pale" and as 首府ハリアスク in Trails of Cold Steel III.
  2. In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, it is stated the Salt Pale appeared at 5:45 in the morning;[1] in Trails of Cold Steel III, however, it is said it appeared at 5:45 in the afternoon.[2]
  3. Japanese: 塩害


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