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Hamel (ハーメル(むら)), also known as Forgotten Village (忘れ去られし村), Ghost Town (ハーメル廃村), and Hemel in the localisation of the PSP version of Trails in the Sky FC, was a village located in the south of Erebonia, 120 selge near the border of Liberl.


Hamel was initially a small happy and lively village that had occasional contact with Ravennue Village until it was completely destroyed and its inhabitants indiscriminately slaughtered by a group of jaeger dropouts. The attack on the village was then used as a excuse for Erebonia to invade Liberl and became the start for the Hundred Days War.

Only three of the villagers had escaped and survived; Joshua, Leonhardt and Johan, although the latter changed his name, so most people often acknowledge Joshua and Leonhardt as the only two survivors.

Following the Hundred Days War, both the Erebonian and Liberlian governments decided to keep the incident under wraps. Access to the village ruins was strictly prohibited, with Erebonians requiring permission from Marquis Hyarms and Olaf Craig, Sutherland's highest-ranked civilian and military official respectively, along with a promise not to reveal the truth to the public, as it would cause a general panic. The official reason was that the road to the village had been destroyed in a landslide, and it was never rebuilt, although Joshua and Leonhardt did return to create a grave for Karin.

Karin's grave also served as an impromptu grave for Leonhardt following his death in SC, where Joshua laid his sword, Kernviter, as a memento. Many people who knew Leonhardt (or his aliases) would also visit the grave from time to time to pay their respects.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Hamel is briefly visited during Class VII's field session in Sutherland. Following an attack during the branch academy's first field study, Rean was tasked by the government to stop the society's plans in the region. He was assisted by some of his former classmates, suspecting that the society was based in Hamel. Upon getting permission from Hyarms and Olaf, they arrived at Hamel and found the society had indeed operated from the ruined village. The incident was quickly resolved and the society left the province.

The village was soon visited once more in September 1 S.1206 by Leonhardt's former Liberlian adversaries along with Rean and Ash. In part due to the Great Twilight, the area surrounding the village was soon corrupted by Bennu, one of the Seventy-Seven Devils. After dispelling Bennu, the area returned to normal.

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