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Heartless Edgar (人でなしのエドガー) is a book series that can be collected in Trails of Cold Steel III. Set in S.1294, it is the first book series to be set in a future setting.


Trails of Cold Steel III[]

Chapter Title Availability Location
1 Autumn Dawn April 16 Book & Goods - Carniege, Leeves
2 My Name April 22, Afternoon From Elma (Apartments - Luna Crest, Saint-Arkh)
3 The Setting Sun April 23 From Sister Simone, Parm Chapel
4 Where The Fireflies Are May 20 From Lyd (Station Road, Crossbell City)
5 Reel Trust May 21 From Kopan (Boat Hut, East Crossbell Highway)
6 Things I Want To Protect June 17 From Lady Elenore (Hotel Ortensia, Ordis)
7 No Blood to Shed June 18, Night From Annabelle (Auros Coastal Road)
8 Don't Let Go July 15, Afternoon From Selly (at the bus stop, South Ostia Highway)
9 A Sleepless Dream July 16, Afternoon From Private Mikkel (West Ostia Highway)
10 Heartless Edgar July 17 From Dorothee (Leica District, Heimdallr, after Imperial Museum events)