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Hector Reise Arnor I (皇帝ヘクトルⅠ世) was the seventh emperor of Erebonia during the 5th Century of the Septian Calendar.


Hector I is known as the emperor that recaptured the imperial capital of Heimdallr in S.471.

Liberation of Heimdallr

The city had been occupied by Zoro-Agruga, the Dark Dragon during the reign of Astorius II in S.371. The imperial capital was temporarily transferred to Saint-Arkh in the Sutherland Province. From there, Hector I led an army of brave knights into the necropolis in an attempt to free it.

Time had proved an ally to the beast, however, and the dragon's influence had spread over the surrounding area like a plague. Though the hearts of Hector I's armies were steadfast, their arrival was met by legions of powerful fiends, and their efforts seemed doomed to end in failure.

Cursed Bloodline

Hector I gained the advantage when finding the Testa-Rossa, the Vermillion Divine Knight. It recognised Hector I as its mastered and wielding its thousand weapons with immense power, the emperor moved once again on Heimdallr and to the decisive encounter with Zoro-Agruga.

The battle shook the city to its core, and at the end, the Vermillion Knight was victorious. However, the price for victory was steep. The corrupted blood that flowed from the dragon claimed Hector's life and defiled even the knight itself, placing a curse upon it, branding it the Crimson Calamity.


  • It is possible that the Panzer Soldat known as Hector was named after the emperor who freed Heimdallr.
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