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Alto Street (アルト通り) is a calm residential area in the eastern half of Heimdallr, Erebonia. Olaf Craig and his family live there.


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Craig Family Home (クレイグ家) is the residence of Imperial Army officer Olaf Craig and his two children, Fiona and Elliot.

Heimdallr - Alto Street 1 (sen1).jpg

Concert Cafe - Etoile (音楽喫茶《エトワール》) is a café ran by Old Man Heming, who originally worked on the Music Academy as a lecturer. Agnes, a friend of Fiona Craig, works as a waitress at Etoile.

Former Guild Branch (旧ギルド支部) is one of the Bracer Guild branches in Heimdallr that was locked down after the Assault on the Imperial Guilds incident  locked down under governmental and provincial pressure in S.1202.[1][2] When the Bracer Guild resumed their activity in July S.1206, Scherazard Harvey was one of the bracers making use of this branch.

Alto Street - House is the home of Tamara, Mathiot, Ron and Fam. Ron is a student at the Music Academy and one of Elliot Craig's friends. He takes part in a concert at the Heimdallr Opera House during the Summer Festival.

Other NPCs found in the area: Merome; Milton; Loutre; Old Man Sorro and his son Strauss, who works at Heimdallr's City Hall and is in chargeof the decorations for the Summer Festival in S.1204.


  • The address of the Bracer Guild branch is Alto Street 4-32-21.
  • There is an unused version of Heimdallr in the game's data that resembles Alto Street. This suggests that Alto Street is based on the earliest attempt to realise Heimdallr. See TCRF for details.



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