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Garnier District (ガルニエ地区) is a district in the east of Heimdallr, Erebonia. Garnier District is a high-class shopping center, also known for its famous Heimdallr Opera House.


Historically, the Garnier District was exclusively for nobility; in modern-day Heimdallr, however, commoners outnumber the nobles living there.[1] It is tradition for a newlywed emperor and empress to visit the Garnier District, a tradition started by Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor.[1]


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The Heimdallr Opera House (帝都歌劇場) is considered the oldest and largest opera house in Zemuria. Its construction was completed in approximately S.954. During the Middle Ages, it serves as a common meeting place for nobles. Interested anecdotes about the opera house include S.1024 one about a diva that was whisked away by an unknown intruder, leaving people to speculate these two were actually lovers.[1]

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San Corries Jewelers is the Garnier District branch store of the San Corries Jeweller chain. It is fitted with the Reinford's most cutting-edge security system.

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Hotel - Der Himmel (ホテル《デア=ヒンメル》) is ran by Owner Noble. He is assisted by Ellington and Lequi. Lequi in particular is a great fan of Vita Clotilde.


  • During development there were plans to make the Heimdallr Opera House visitable in Trails of Cold Steel. An unfinished version of the opera house can be found in the game data. The data also reveals that at least two characters, Clotilde and Owner Noble, were planned to make their appearance there. See TCRF for details.



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