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Ost District (オスト地区), also referred to as the 'old town', is a lower-class residential area in the soutern part of Heimdallr, Erebonia.


Ost District was not included in Heimdallr's redevelopment plan. After Chancellor Giliath Osborne and Governor Carl Regnitz, who lives in Ost District, came into power, the government started taking better care of the district. They improved the employment numbers and with it, Ost's standard of living.

The rent is still cheap, making it appealing for people work in Heimdallr to support their families in the provinces.


Regnitz Family Home (レーグニッツ家) is the home of Governor Carl Regnitz and his son, Machias.

Gamgee's Pub (居酒屋《ギャムジー》) is ran by Gamgee. He is assisted by Regalo. The cat Adler hangs out at the pub.

Emmrod's Used Goods (中古屋《エムロッド》) is ran by Nadja, who took over the store from her grandmother.

Ost District - House 1 is inhabited by Jim, who works at Heimdallr Port, and Grasse.

Ost District - House 2 is inhabited by Old Man Keaton, who taught philosophy at university but also enjoys history. He lives together with his wife Marle. Their granddaughter Chaha also regularly lives with them because her parents are regularly out of town for work.

Other NPCs found in the area are: Old Lady Magil worries Carl Regnitz might overwork himself; Tack, Ray and Jonny are worried Ost District might not get decorated during the Summer Festival; Patiry and Kargo are two children acting and talking like delinquents. Patiry considers Machias Regnitz her rival.


  • Ost District is home to most of Heimdallr's stray cats. Their leader is called Mr. Tiddles.