Heimdallr - Port 3 (sen1)

Port, Heimdallr

Heimdallr Port (ヘイムダル港) is the port of Heimdallr, Erebonia, built on the south-flowing Anor River. The port is a major hub of the capital's freight distribution network, following the Transcontinental Railroad or aircrafts,


In charge of the port is Port Chief Danberto. He loathes the nobility and is disappointed to discover that Class VII's Laura S. Arseid, who have come to assist him with a monster extermination, is of noble descent. After meeting Laura, and Rean Schwarzer, he comes to realise that not all nobles and commoners are "like oil and water".

Jim is constantly worrying about Grasse, his partner. He worries she might get lonely while he's out working. He booked them a nice restaurant during the Summer Festival, but in the end had to give up his day off because others workers quit. Unbeknown to him, they had been under the influence of Imperial Liberation Front's Michael Gideon's efforts.

Other works at the port include: Jibul, Faro, Oman, Batou, Zef and Pron.


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