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Heimdallr Racetrack (帝都競馬場), also known as Heimdallr Racecourse in the Japanese version, and its adjecent Racetrack Plaza (馬場前広場) are situated in the south Heimdallr, Erebonia.


Near the entrance, Clerk Amber runs a store together with Clerk Rodeo. Other NPCs that can be found in the area are: Duston and Old Man Godol.

Attending the horse races are the horses: 1 - Lumberblitz (supported by Lahtin); 2 - Black Prince (Dumble); 3 - Kaiser Dice and jockey Wander (Sir Michelin and Albert); 4 - Land Arrester (nameless man and a girl) and the winner, 5 - Linobloom (Old Man Lombert). Sidonie runs a shop and Clerk Doug sells horse racing tickets.

In the nobility lobby, the following NPCs can be found: Branch Manager Charlton; Racer who runs a shop; the owner of race horse Black Prince, Seymour; and the ever-travelling Marjorie. Maeve guides Class VII to the Underground Passage.

Rean Schwarzer meets with Olaf Craig and Neithardt in a private meeting room. Warrant Officer Alan stands guard near the door.


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