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Sankt District (サンクト地区) is a district in the northwest of Heimdallr, Erebonia. It is the home of the Heimdallr Cathedral, St. Astraia Girls' School and several embassies.


Heimdallr Cathedral (Sen III).jpg

Heimdallr Cathedral is the cathedral church of Heimdallr and serves as the High Seat of the Septian Church in Erebonia.

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St. Astraia Girls' School is a (combined) middle and high school for girls of nobility and exceptionally rich commoners. Princess Alfin Reise Arnor, Elise Schwarzer and Musse Egret attended St. Astraia.

Calvard Embassy (Sen III).jpg

The Calvard Embassy (共和国の大使館) is one of many embasses situated in the Sankt District. The secretary who has been working there since for two years misses his 3-year-old daughter Amia. He spent most of his daughter's life abroad, which greatly frustrates him. He cannot return home yet. The gate to the embassy is guarded by Heimdallr Military Police.

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Hotel Valar (ホテル・ヴァラール) is a 5-star hotel ran by Branch Manager Sheldon, supported by Mathilda and the maid Natalya. Prestigious guests include Ferris Florald, Hugo Kleist and Irina Reinford.

Other passers by in Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" include Berkley, Lady Iberta, Lufia and Dario Giscard.


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