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Vainqueur Street (ヴァンクール通り) is a the main thoroughfare through Heimdallr, Erebonia, connecting the Dreichels Plaza and Valflame Palace in the north with the Heimdallr Central Station. It is considered the gathering point of all of Erebonia's rich cultures.


In celebration of the War of the Lions's conclusion, the victorious Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor walked triumphantly up Vainqueur Street.

This event is what inspired the founder of Plaza Bifrost to give the new department store this very name, as "Bifrost" refers to a "legendary rainbow bridge said to lead warriors to victory". This is a reference to Norse mythology, where the Bifröst is depicted as a burning rainbow bridge said to lead to the residence of the Norse god Heimdallr.


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Department Store - Plaza Bifrost  is a department store. The store owes its name to Emperor Dreichels Reise Arnor, who triumphantly walked down the Vainqueur Street in Heimdallr to celebrate the end of the War of the Lions.

The Imperial Chronicle Building (帝国時報社) is attended by Receptionist Citron. Norton is a cameraman for the outlet and Claude has been tasked to cover the West Zemuria Trade Conference. Leitz is also a journalist with the Imperial Chronicle and the superior of Thors alumna Vivi. Norton took Thors alumnus Rex under his wing as cameraman.

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Le Sage Boutique - Head Store (ブティック《ル・サージュ》本店) is the main store of the Le Sage Boutique chain. It is ran by Owner Howard, owner of Le Sage. He is a famous designer, responsible for the dress of Vita Clotilde and the Thors Military Academy uniform. He is a fan of Strega Corporation. He is assisted by Kailis and Sefa, who used to be one of their frequent customers.

Lumiere Orbal Factory (リュミエール工房) is an orbal factory ran by Johannes. The store has been in business ever since his great grandfather's generation, meaning it looks less modern than other orbal factories.

Watson's Weapons & Armor (ワトソン武器商会) is a weapon shop ran by Watson.

Other NPCs that can be found in the area: Melvy, Mulder, Basil. In Trails of Cold Steel, Bond can be found walking around Vainqueur Street as well. In Trails of Cold Steel III, Heimdallr Military Police Commander Brighton and his right hand Isaac can be found here, as well as Helena Queens and her maid, Eclaire. Chris, who used to be a paper boy in Celdic, moved to Heimdallr following the advice of Market Manager Lymon. Bennett can be found looking for Oscar.


In French, "vainqueur" means "conqueror" or "victor".


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel III