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Vesta Street (ヴェスタ通り), also known as Westa Street in the Japanese version, is a fairly lively, middle-class residential area in the western half of Heimdallr, Erebonia.


Inn - Foresta (宿酒場《フォレスタ》) is ran by Arendt and his son, Mash. Kathy, the daughter of Marton who's sitting outside in front of the inn, helps out Arendt. Both Marton and Tick are regulars there. Marton is a realtor who has been friends with Arendt and Blanche's since forever. In Foresta's Café Bruno sells Foresta's home-made coffee blend.

Bakery - Lafite (ベーカリー《ラフィット》) is ran by bread making lover Blanche and his daughter, Philly. Oscar from Morges in Crossbell City started working at Lafite for training. He was followed by his Morges rival Bennet, who initially lingers outside the bakery but decided to join the bread-making contest the following day. Customers are Old Man Jaco and Lady Panna. Bakery Cafe - Recette's Liza studied under Blanche until S.1203.

Herschel's Shop (Sen III).jpg

Herschel's Shop (ハーシェル雑貨店) is ran by Fred and Martha Herschel. This is where Towa Herschel was raised after her parents died. Although not confirmed, it is assumed that Kai is Martha's son.

Bracer Guild - Westa Branch (Sen III).jpg

Bracer Guild (遊撃士協会・帝都西支部) is one of the Bracer Guild branches in Heimdallr that was locked down after the Assault on the Imperial Guilds incident  locked down under governmental and provincial pressure in S.1202.[1][2] It resumed activities again in July S.1206, and Class VII held their long-awaited reunion here.

Holy Flat (アパルトメント《ホリーフラット》) is an apartment complex. Satsuki has come from Calvard to work in Heimdallr and to look for a husband. She brought along her daughter, Nia. Satsuki requested Martha Herschel to find her Eastern matcha. Bernard also lives here, together with his important family, the parrot Chucky.

Vesta Street - House is inhabited by Commander Brighton of the Heimdallr Military Police and his family. Commander Brighton used to be affiliated with the 5th Armored Division and stationed at the Garrelia Fortress.[3] His wife, Simone, was worried sick over her father when the Crossbell Defense Force attacked the Garrelia.[3] After these events, Commander Brighton assumed office as the commander at the Heimdallr Military Police.[4] Their children, Wayne and Maika, enrolled at Thors Branch Campus and St. Astraia Girls' School, respectively.[3]

Other NPCs that can be found in the area: Dolce, who noticed Oscar had started working at the bakery; transporter Figaro; Satsuki's daughter Nia, Martha's presumed son Kai and Arendt's son Mash. On subsequent days, Vivi and Inspector Reiner can be found here.


  • The address of the Bracer Guild in Vesta Street is "Vesta Street 5-27-126".



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