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Henry MacDowell (ヘンリー・マクダエル) is former Speaker for the Crossbell government and former mayor of Crossbell City.


Henry MacDowell raised his granddaughter, Elie MacDowell, after her parents filed for a divorce and moved to Erebonia and Calvard, respectively.

He lives in a mansion in the Residential Street in Crossbell City, where is being assisted by Butler Helmer and Maid Joanna. Originally Elie's parents also lived with them.


In Crossbell, Speaker Henry MacDowell represented the Crossbell government alongside Speaker Hartmann in the form of a joint representation. Whereas Speaker Hartmann led the pro-Imperialistic movement within the government, MacDowell maintained Crossbell's neutrality and independence from its suzerains, Erebonia and Calvard.

Even after the assassination attempt by his First Secretary Ernest Reis, Mayor MacDowell displayed a strong sense of responsibility as a politician by immediately resuming his work and the preparation of Crossbell's Anniversary Festival.


After the Cult Incident and subsequent mayor elections, MacDowell stepped down as Mayor and was succeeded by IBC president Dieter Crois. MacDowell resumed his duties as Speaker for the government.

At the time Dieter declared the Independent State of Crossbell, MacDowell was being held in Mishelam and therefore unable to voice his opinion. He was rescued by the Special Support Section and immediately declared Crossbell's independence declaration as invalid.

When the Azure Tree appeared, MacDowell went through Crossbell City to ease the confusion among its citizens.


Zero and Ao no Kiseki


  • Henry MacDowell was born in the year Crossbell was founded as an independent state; both he and the state celebrated their 70th birthday during Zero no Kiseki.

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